July 27, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Every now and then one just has to stop and admire the banksters; for duplicity, subtlety, and a tapestry of relationships that leaves one wondering just how deep the corruption goes, for a tangle of political corruption that perhaps only divine omniscience and ubiquity could sort out, they are unparalleled. What am I talking about? Well, this one may leave you scratching your head, as it did me, and I am tempted to file this one under the "you tell me" category: the FBI, apparently, has arrested two senior managers at HSBC(Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation):

FBI arrests senior HSBC banker accused of rigging multibillion-dollar deal

Of course, the HSBC has a rather long and dubious history; think opium and the 19th century here, or for that matter, Lord Blackheath's comments in the House of Lords a few years ago(see my extensive quotations from his remarks in Hansard's in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civiizations). And now, yet again, another bank caught in illegal manipulations, this time, of currency rates:

A senior HSBC banker has been arrested by the FBI as he attempted to board a transatlantic flight and charged him with fraudulently rigging a multibillion-dollar currency exchange deal.

Mark Johnson, a British citizen and HSBC’s global head of foreign exchange trading, and a colleague are accused of “defrauding clients” and alleged to have “corruptly manipulated the foreign exchange market to benefit themselves and their bank”.

He was arrested on Tuesday night shortly before he was due to fly to London from New York’s JFK airport, and was due to be formally charged by a judge at Brooklyn federal court later on Wednesday. He was later released on bail.

A second Briton, Stuart Scott, who was HSBC’s European head of foreign exchange trading in London until December 2014, is accused of the same crimes. A warrant was issued for Scott’s arrest.They are the first people to be charged in connection with the US government’s long-running investigation into bankers’ alleged rigging of the $5.3tn (£4tn) per day forex market.

“The defendants allegedly betrayed their client’s confidence, and corruptly manipulated the foreign exchange market to benefit themselves and their bank,” said the US assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell. “This case demonstrates the [US Department of Justice’s] criminal division’s commitment to hold corporate executives, including at the world’s largest and most sophisticated institutions, responsible for their crimes.”

Ok... by now we're all accustomed to the fact that these big banks are about as trustworthy as George Soros at a color revolution.

But, in case you missed it when you were too busy frothing about a few plagiarized lines in Ms. Trump's speech(and there's much to be horrified about at the Republican convention, but it wasn't that), HSBC has connections to Ms. Clinton, to the FBI director that recently "cleared" her of intent to violate the law (even when the law itself isn't about intent, but simply negligence, and even though it isn't his job to recommend prosections, it's the attorney general's, who, incidentally, has her own connections to HSBC and was only talking about the grandkids with Bill on the tarmac):


Now, this is interesting and summons so much high octane speculation in my always speculating mind, that I scarecely know where to begin. But let me concentrate on the first scenario that flitted through my mind, and that's all those emails that Hilliary deleted before anyone could have a look (except, of course, Mr. Putin, and so far, he's not talking even though various Russian media outlets have made it clear that they have several of these emails.  [C'mon Vlad... let us see, please? After all, it would be to your benefit, since Ms. Clinton and the neo-con crowd hardly thinks that Russia is a friend. Give it some thought, and get back with us.]) What I suspect they'd reveal is a great deal about the extent of the plans, networks, and financing for Mr. Global's little fascist project. Or to put it more simply, it would reveal the vast extent of what I've been calling the "hidden system of finance" and perhaps one small portion of it and how it is currently constructed.

Of course, it's the mention of those Russian media articles insinuating that they have their hands on quite a few of these emails that must have various people burning the midnight oil late into the wee hours: what if those insinuations are true? Will Mr. Putin or someone in the Russian government "leak" them? (The latter, of course, is more likely, since it allows the Kremlin some plausible deniability: "Woops, sorry about that... a clerk hit the wrong button. We will be certain to take appropriate action against the clerk", said action perhaps being a resort dacha in the newly re-acquired Crimean peninsula) It would indeed be intriguing were the "accidental" leak to occur during Ms. Clinton's acceptance monodrone at the convention this week. Of perhaps the Russians might just sit on those emails, after all, should Ms. Clinton be (s)elected, then they potentially give the Russians a great deal of leverage.

But as I suggest, it is possible we're looking at much more than just the usual racketeering and corruption and legal double standard - one set of laws for you and I, and another for the "top" tier of society - that we chave come to associate with the Clinton-Bush nexus. It may be that the ties go much deeper into that system of finance, and given the extent of it, we might expect Russia to reveal those emails only after it (and China) have built out their parallel clearing systems.

See you on the flip side...