1. Damn, that bomber looks sexy. The Russian sixth generation fighter looks sick as well. Imagine being a fighter pilot with drone wingman equipped with rail guns. Meanwhile our $500 million dollar F-35, rumored to have a consciousness interface, can barely get off the ground. I can’t help but think of Tom Delonge’s and Hartley’s book, Sekret Machines. The drone aspect and consciousness interface of fighters is a big theme in the story.

    1. interesting perspective from a member of labor?
      read years ago that truck driving jobs in the ussa were about to decline.
      not so much on driverless cars as because of networked remote controlled trucks.
      aka one driver of a semi tractor trailer with one or more tractor trailers behind him networked and set to his controls to follow as e-trailered vehicles.

      the russians apparently are already doing it in the sky.
      wonder if they’re doing it domestically on their highways yet.

  2. Terminator-Dalek-Cyclon technology anyone warfare without body bags at least of the attacker. Until the other side strikes back 3D video game warfare with real death and destruction drone warfare taken to it’s reduction absurdum.

  3. One has to wonder if the perceived enemy is actually of terrestrial origin, a breakaway group, or “someone else”.

    1. Probably all 7 billion or so of us. Once they get comfortable long term living quarters up there and space weapons its all over for the rest of us. Its the beast’s nature to eliminate all potential future rivals and perceived threats to the point of insanity. The fact that that they haven’t already done so is proof that their break away globalist click is interstellar yet just international. We can reach them if they hide in Antarctica or under the sea or South America but if they control Jacobs ladder into space and pull it up behind them we won’t be able to reach them.

      1. Hmmm. I wonder if some future religious-historian would look back and call that a “Tower of Babel” moment…

        1. And before they could finish their cowardly and vile work God smote them with many meteorites and cosmic rays destroying them and their future lineage utterly.

          1. Hopefully God won’t let it come to this. Who knows what’s really going on. So much miss information, but from what I see on TV morality,sanity and common sense is just about to be history.

        2. These days, directed meteors/asteroids and laser/particle-beam weapons could fall under a ‘God’ response. Plausible deniability?

          Remember Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quote about any sufficiently-advanced technology? Let’s hope humanity has some allies…

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