1. Sort of off topic … Joseph posted in the community forum that his old computer died and that he had to buy a new one. He’s asking for our patience while he gets the new one set up.

  2. I suspect it was 100% natural. Weather events like that happen all the time. But that’s not to say weather manipulation doesn’t exist. A stealth satellite might exist able to assist something interesting happening at a particular point on Earth when the conditions are just right. Just a matter of time before a target is in a favorable window of opertunity with the way weather systems eventually circle the globe.

  3. They even managed to sneak in their old compatriot in arms, LBJ:

    The program is an elite educational course organized by the presidential libraries of Bush, Clinton and former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Lyndon Johnson.

    I’m sure they were all looking forward to “mingling” with the “young” folks there at the High School and perhaps giving some “individualized” mentoring.

    cough, cough, wink, wink, nod, nod.

  4. Intriguing that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was hit with a similar storm, I believe yesterday, that caused the press to flee their media tent.

    Messages sent courtesy of the god of thunder it would seem.

  5. It’s interesting these criminals were whisked away to safety. While the students were left in danger to face this storm in the school wasn’t there a student crush to death at a school years ago when it was struck by a tornado years ago?

  6. Robert Barricklow

    With all the coups in the air; there stands recipients and beneficiaries passing so much wind, they blew the windows talking up a propaganda storm about their Orwellian-speak libraries.

  7. Churchless Mouse

    They were there to speak at a high school graduation. Does anyone find that strange?

    1. Right, what parent would let their children be around those three creeps? The poor kids must be brainwashed and abused. If a tree fell on that troupe of three clowns would anyone shed a tear?

      1. Well yes a normal person would, but the redneck zombies constitute about 95% of the population and the remainder are criminals, corporations and govt. agency people like the Waltons(no not those on TV). Laugh. Sam Walton was part of the operation of herding the Japanese into camps and was rewarded very well. Also you have Mena which has been abandoned and moved into Missouri, another criminal enterprise. And finally W Rockefeller ruled the area for many years and bought and sold people like cheap suits.

    2. I heard that next the three were going to speak at a high school graduation for the San Carlos de Bariloche class… (joke)

  8. Some background atmosphere for the benefit of a few “recently-retired” windbags?

  9. Chinese and Russians both have “Tesla Cannons,” (the inside term at nasa,)–Perhaps this was the WDs giving a warning….

  10. Didnt realise the Carlyse Group had vested shares with Haarp.. most have been wanting to see a visual demonstration..

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