July 31, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

A couple of weeks ago, more or less, I blogged about the unusual goings on in Antarctica, as an evacuation aircraft was making its way to our southern polar continent. What I found quite strange at that time was the presence of Lockheed-Martin, the famous US defense and black projects contractor, on that continent. A few years prior, you'll recall, there was much speculation about what the Russians were doing, or had found (or both), at Lake Vostok, the large submerged lake in Antarctica. The Russians weren't talking; which left everyone else to talk and guess. More recently, after his historic meeting with Pope Francis I, Kirill III, Patriarch of Moscow, made his way to Antarctica as well, took a couple of photo op pictures with the penguins, and blessed a Russian church there, apparently the first Orthodox church on that continent. But I cannot help but think that maybe there was more than that at work.

In any case, the strange goings on in Antarctica don't stop there. A few years prior to that, as I noted in Roswell and the Reich, a German amateur seismologist had allegedly recorded extraordinarily large anomalous wave fluctuations in the region. And of course, prior to that, we had the whole Nazi expedition of 1938-39, the equally curious "silence" surrounding it after its return to Germany, and then the post-war expedition of Admiral Byrd, Operation "Highjump", which was cut short dramatically after some American pilots had crashed, or, as some of the lore has it, were shot down. Byrd, of course, gave his now well-known statements to the Santiago El Mercurio, in which he stated the USA had to prepare its defenses against enemy fighters that could fly from pole to pole with tremendous speed. Then we had the stories in Nexus magazine and other outlets about secret postwar British SAS operations on that continent, allegedly against a group of surviving and fanatical Nazis. And finally, there have been the occasional internet articles alleging that large pyramidal structures have been discovered there.

Whatever one makes of all of this, it is clear that the polar continent is the center of some very bizarre activity and attention: German Nazis, American Admirals and marines, British special ops forces, Orthodox Patriarchs, and American black-projects aerospace companies, and pyramids.

The picture this paints could have been painted by Hieronymus Bosch.

Well, it just became stranger, for several people emailed this article to me, and one regular website reader, who lives in Russia, assures me that this story has also run on Russian television, for now it seems there is something strange going on in the opposite polar regions, in the Russian Arctic:


What's the infection? Well, as the article makes clear, it's an outbreak of anthrax, a disease one normally does not associate with the Arctic. But the deployment of 1,200 biowarfare specialist troops does make one wonder whether the Russian government may suspect more is going on than they're publicly admitting. Indeed, the article states that other deadly agents may have been involved. But then comes the strangest zinger of them all:

Russian officials said the infection may have started after a contaminated corpse was exposed following a warm summer in the Arctic which saw temperatures rise as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

95 degrees Fahrenheit!? In the Arctic!?!? Anthrax and "other" notably unspecified "agents"? Russian biowarfare troops? I can't help but think that perhaps some sort of deliberate weather modification might be behind at least the high temperatures, and that raises the stakes of our high octane speculation considerably, for the deployment of biowarfare military troops suggests the Russian government suspects something more is going on than merely freakish weather and the natural thaw of an anthrax-contaminated corpse. Indeed, Russia surely has civilian authorities able to quarantine and deal with such outbreaks. Of course, the Arctic is a heavily militarized area in Russia, and this might explain the presence of biowarfare troops, but again, my suspicion here is that this doesn't explain the Russian government's reaction. So, this is one for the you tell me folder.

And while you're telling me, I can't help but add a few more wrenches into the works, for I wonder if these recent events at both poles, sudden outbreaks, mysterious evacuation flights to Antarctica, and now, Russian biowarfare troops in the Arctic after temperatures more typical of the American midwest and southwest have occurred.

Is there something strange going on that "they" are not telling us?
Well, you tell me, but for my two cents' worth, I think there is.

See you on the flip side...