August 13, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

The fall-out from BREXIT continues, and as I speculated back prior to, and immediately after, the vote, the geopolitical repercussions were, and are, immense. One of the things that I thought was a significant indicator of profound dissatisfaction within the British deep state with US foreign policy and unipolarism, was the Economist op-ed piece of July of last year, when Jeb Bush and the then front runner and current Democratic candidate, the harridan Hilliary. The basic thrust of the piece was "you're kidding!?  You yanks can't do anything better than to run the same ole same ole people with the same tired 'solutions'?" The article went so far as to state that the American political class is calcified almost to the point of no return.

Then, of course, came the pre-BREXIT stories that appeared in the British tabloids that Queen Elizabeth II had had a "few people around to the Palace for tea and dinner," during which H.M. apparently expressed some deep seated Royal Displeasure over the whole EU thing and the way it was working out. Then came BREXIT, the exit of Cameron, and the entry of May into 10 Downing.

For me, what all of this added up to was that the United Kingdom, or at least a certain significant segment of its deep state, was tremendously dissatisfied with the USA, its "special relationship" therewith, and its handling of Russia, the Middle East, and more importantly, wanted to improve relations with Russia, and be in a better position to capitalize on the Chinese silk road infrastructure projects in Central Asia. After all, over protests from Washington, London decided to become a founding member of China's Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. The millstone around the UK's financial and geopolitical neck was the Brussels EU, and its demonstrably subservient role as Washington's satrapy. It had after all sung the same music as Washington regarding the Ukraine, and "Russian Aggression" therein.

Well, in what is pehaps a bit of confirmation of those views, and that Britain is rethinking things at a dramatic pace, consider the following article shared by Mr. G.B.:

‘Russia-UK ties on the way to thawing – which is to mutual benefit’

Now, for those of you who followed the Worricker Trilogy closely, it's almost as if the fictional BBC three part production foresaw events with stunning accuracy: dissatisfaction with American policy, leading to the fall of a prime minister, and the entry of a new prime minister who just happened to be a woman, and who just happened to be the former Home Secretary.

Enter Prime Minister May:

It is very important if it happens. It is very important for Britain in the sense that Theresa May has assumed the reins of government in Downing Street at a time of deep economic and political uncertainty in the UK in light of the Brexit vote. She will be under no illusions with regard to the significance of Turkey moving closer to Russia again, given the state of their relations over the past nine months since the shooting down of the Russian aircraft by a Turkish aircraft. So there is a lot to play for.

Also Putin will be keen to establish a closer relationship with the UK, given that a new US President is on the way in November. That is likely to be Hillary Clinton, who we know to be very, very hawkish with regards to Russia. There are many, many strands to this, but for both countries it is very important their relations get off to a new start in light of Theresa May’s assumption of power in Downing Street.

As RT notes, the key backdrop here is the looming US presidential (s)election, which for the moment appears to be going to the Harridan Hilliary, who will continue the same old neocon unipolarism that has made such a hash of geopolitics that we've seen under the Bush and B.O. administrations. The problem is, she'll continue it, on steroids. Of course, there are looming and growing stories about the health problems of the harridan, which do indeed appear to be serious, and implicate the question of her fitness for office. Rest assured, even though the American lamestream media may not be following the story, the Russians are, and they most definitely are in MI-6, the Home Office, the Palace, and Downing Street.

So where's the high octane speculation here? Well, my guess is that among the subjects of discussion between Prime Minister May and President Putin, discussions that will not make the press reports, there will be considerable discussions of what the two powers will do, and to the extent possible, how they will coordinate policy in the event of a Harridan HIlliary presidency. But the point is, it will not stop there. That informal discussion will quickly fan out to include Paris and Berlin and I suspect the lines are already burning between London, Paris, Moscow, and Berlin. And high on the list will be calls for a reassessment of the sanctions regime and a new approach to relations between the West and Russia.

Given recent events in Japan and Turkey, it's vital that there be a complete reevaluation of US unipolarism.

But don't expect it to come from the harridan or her supporters. And that means those post-war alliances and relationships will continue to fray.

See you on the flip side...