August 4, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now it's Africa's turn to  go the way of Europe to be amalgamated into one huge bloc, and we'll get to my "predictions" and high octane speculations in a moment. This article was spotted and shared by Ms. S.H.:

Step Towards United States of Africa: AU Launches All-Africa Passport to Create a Borderless Continent

Now you'll notice here that the same old globalist methodology and rationalizations are in play(welcome back, colonialism!): a common passport is being issued to allow the "free flow of goods, services, and peoples" in the African Union:

However, as this confusion is rocking Europe, the continent of Africa is pursuing vision to achieve what Europe seems to be abolishing. Africa’s continental body, the African Union (AU) has announced that it has launched for the first time, a single passport for all citizens on the continent. The AU consists of 54 countries. The only country in Africa, which is not part of the Union, is Morocco. Morocco opted out of the Union after the AU recognized Western Sahara as a sovereign nation, as Morocco claimed Western Sahara is part of its territory.


The Union said in a statement that “This flagship project has the specific aim of facilitating free movement of persons, goods and services around the continent – in order to foster intra-Africa trade, integration and socio-economic development.”

According to the Union, the all-African passport represents a key plank of the Agenda 2063 action plan, which emphasizes the need for greater continental integration, based on the vision of the parent organization of the AU called the Organization of African Unity (OAU).

In other words, what's good for the European goose is good for the African gander.

So what's my high octane speculation and prediction here?

Well, for one thing, expect what is going on in Europe with the expansion of Islam and the resulting culture crisis and backlash in Europe to occur in Africa, on steroids. Some nations in Africa have attempted to stem the tide, but one wonders how this free flow of persons across borders will work when this rising tide confronts the various tribal cultures in Africa.

In the background there is hovering another development, and one that portends even more great power conflict, for the USA is quickly trying to expand its Africom command, and China, of course, has been actively involved on the continent, trying to secure markets and attempting the opposite approach of the US: building roads, schools, and so on. More recently, China has projected military force into the region by basing troops on the African side of the southern end of the Red Sea.

So how do these two players interact with the growing AU project? Expect the same patterns evident in Europe - an unelected central bureaucracy, oblivious to the demands and voice of the various nations' peoples - to emerge, and the US to back it. But unlike in Europe, Africa has another great power player: China. So one may expect China to play the soft power culture card, and to increasingly take up the mantle of regional, and perhaps even tribal, causes, and to press for a more genuinely representative AU structure, modeling on the PRC itself. If that happens, the USA will respond by pointing out the undemocratic nature of the PRC, and the game is afoot.

And of course, there is one final, very dark prospect hovering in the wings, for with an entire continent on lockdown in the name of free trade and globalism, the very poor of Africa could easily fall victim, once again, to that unstated ugly thing that has been going on in the world: underground criminal trade in human beings themselves.

See you on the flip side...