August 18, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you've been following the "transhumanism scrapbook" closely, you'll have noticed something that my co-author Dr DeHart and I tried to point out in our book Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas, namely, that much of what bills itself as "modern science" is really nothing but old fashioned alchemy (of the blackest sort) dressed up  in the shiny new equations of modern science and technology. As I pointed out yesterday in the main blog and tidbit, much of this quest concerns the quest for virtual immortality. Stop and consider, for example, just how many of the "elite" (they're really not that in any sense) are long-lived. They seem to linger, and linger, and linger, and the harm they do does as well. This has led many to speculate that they know some "medical technology" or "trick" for prolonging their lives.

In that context, consider this disturbing article shared by Mr. M.D.:

Silicon Valley's fascination with a fountain of youth

Now in case you missed it, here's the two paragraphs here that leaped out at me, and raised all sorts of questions and thoughts in my mind for today's "high octane speculation":

Hang around Silicon Valley for awhile and the obsession with immortality is clear. Techies want to solve that granddaddy of problems: Death.

Peter Thiel, the billionaire investor behind Facebook and co-founder of PayPal, recently made headlines for his reported personal and professional interest in whether blood transfusions from younger people can improve and even extend life for older people.

Ewww. Vampire alert.

And then there's this:

Literature is full of the vain and misguided who lost their souls pursuing immortality. And yes, holding on to a youthful ideal does seem empty -- and expensive. Ambrosia, the Monterey firm doing the young-person blood plasma infusion trial is reportedly charging participants $8,000 each.

The blood of young people as a life extension technique... hmmm...

Of course, there have been persistent internet rumors for a few years that the "elite", the long-lived ne-er-do-wells whose names we probably all know all too well(and wished we'd never heard of), receive regular transfusions of the blood of "young persons." I cannot help but think that behind all the cruel and barbaric practice of unlimited abortion, body-part harvesting, stem cell harvesting, and so on that are associated with it, not to mention the persistent rumors and scandals that pop up from time to time and in various parts of the world about human trafficking, child sex rings and pedophilia, and even of "human sacrifice" (think only of the statements of the victims of the Franklin Scandal in this regard), that something like this activity may be involved, that by a variety of hidden and barbaric practices, these "elites" may literally be making the "ultimate sacrifice" of others to extend their own miserable existence.

Time of course will tell if any of that high octane speculation is true or not. But the problem is, if billionaire busybodies are willing to invest in the idea and make it all "respectable," then we must face an uncomfortable implication: if they're willing to invest, there may be something to it.

Years ago, when I first wrote my first foray into the field of alternative research, The Giza Death Star, I pointed out the ancient texts' indications of much longer human life spans, from the accounts of Genesis to the texts of Mesopotamia and Egypt and their "kings' lists," and I also pointed out the wise insight of a Greek church father by the name of St. John Chrysostom, who offered the idea that death is what allows humanity to repent, or, as the above article has it, it is the great "change agent." But Chrysostom was more forthcoming with moral implications: imagine an Albert Schweitzer with not decades, but centuries, to do good. But equally, imagine an Adolf Hitler or Mao Tse-Tung the same amount of time to wreak their misery. When I look at the dour and heavy faces of our long-lived elites, I cannot help but think of the latter, rather than the former. And maybe that this is, indeed, why the world is seemingly going insane, because its elite by unnaturally prolonging their lives, are equally, if not more so.

See you on the flip side....