August 23, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ms. B.H. sent me this important article, and I want to pass it along for its sheer implications, and also because there is still a certain segment of the population that not only thinks remote mind manipulation technologies are the stuff of science fiction, but because even among those inclined to view it as a remote possibility, they do not realize how far along it has come since it was first a smile on Sydney Gottlieb's, Allen Dulles', Richard Helms', and Jose Delgado's faces. There have, in fact, not only been persistent rumors on the internet, and a few books here and there, to suggest that some people have been victimized by technologies actually beaming "voices" directly into a person's brain, which only that person can hear - call it the "Voice of God" or more preferably, "Voice of the Devil" technology(usually the latter, since I know of no instance where victims of this technology claim to have heard anything sublime, uplifting, comforting, or loving from the voices they hear). There have been similar claims of people alleging that they "saw" things that only they could see, and indeed, in a few cases, "talked" with them, whereas no one else could see or converse. The problem here, of course, is that there are a number of patents that have been taken out that claim precisely the ability to project voices, images, and, as we've seen on this website in a few blogs over the past year or so, even the ability to read a person's thoughts and emotions remotely, and claimed capabilities of the technology to "translate" those readings into words, thus enabling the technology's handlers to "converse" with the victim.

What I've found intriguing, however, is that the public stories, in "mainstream"(whatever that means) sources, are now openly talking about the same capabilities, though usually in connection to the implied idea that these technologies and techniques are in their infancy, and that all we can do right now is play with a few lab rats and mice:

Scientists use a light beam to implant an artificial image into a mouse’s mind

I hope you read the few short paragraphs of this article carefully, and I hope you found these as chilling as I did:

The researchers were able to control and observe the brain of a living mouse using optogenetic tools – a technique which involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue.

They injected the mouse with a virus containing light-sensitive proteins engineered to reach specific brain cells.

Once inside a cell, the proteins allowed researchers to remotely activate the neuron with light, as if switching on a TV.

During the experiment, the mouse was allowed to freely run on a treadmill while its head was held still under a microscope.

The researchers were able to control and observe the brain of a living mouse using optogenetics.

Before optogenetics, scientists had to open the skull and implant electrodes into living tissue to stimulate neurons with electricity and measure their response.


Optogenetics allowed researchers to get inside the brain non-invasively and control it far more precisely.  (Emphasis added)

I hope you caught the two basic ingredients of the technique:

  1. Injection (of a substance designed to reach certain areas of the brain); and,
  2. Remote stimulation of that region via "light", which I strongly suspect is code in the article for electromagnetic radiation in the non-visible range of the spectrum, specifically, in the infrared-microwave end of the spectrum.

All of this is wonderfully "non-invasive" and, of course, is being presented in the usual "this-technique-may-have-health-benefits" way, but, oh, incidentally, it allows the brain(of mice anyway) to be controlled "far more precisely."

Now, scale all this up to human scale, couple it with a (presidentially sponsored!) brain mapping program, forced injections to combat the latest hyped-up virus scare (think swine flu, bird flu, Sars... the whole parade of virus scares we're hit with every year), and those patents, in some cases decades old, of methods of projecting voices, images, and now, of reading an individual's thoughts remotely, and you have a mind manipulation technology of profound implications. Go a step further: imagine coupling such "voice and image projection" technologies to the soft techniques of manipulation, such as hypnotism and neural linguistic programming, and one has an extraordinarily powerful tool box of social manipulation and engineering.

What I suspect all this indicates, and especially the spate of articles over recent years seeming to confirm the mind-control researchers of decades ago, is that these technologies are much farther along than these types of articles would indicate.

See you on the flip side....