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Folks, a last minute request has come from Mr. Hoagland to be on his show tonight/tomorrow morning... I don't know the exact nature of what he wants to talk about, other than "American politics."


  1. RCH needs to get off the sugar! What’s the point of having guests when you don’t allow them to finish a sentence? I need to rethink my subscription.

  2. If its Hoagland, its gonna be about Mars 🙂 @ Dr Farrel, I’m on page 207 of your 2nd Giza book..and my jaw has just hit the floor.
    “In Brown’s case, the relativistic order is inverted: mass does not create distorted space, but distorted space – nonequilibrium conditions – creates mass.” (giza Deployed pg 207)

    I do not have a science-based education, so i may be going off on a complete tangent here.. but I’ve always thought that Mass is created by Energy. As the E=Mc² formula turns mass to energy, as with any formula it should be able to be reversed to make energy creating mass. I believe that this is the reason black holes exist, to create energy from mass, so that they throw out x-ray radiation.

  3. Thanks for the alert … interesting lineup. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out how to listen to the show. I looked all over Hoagland’s website but can’t find any links or clues about how or where to go for the live stream.

    1. Margaret, I’m trying to respond to you but this doesn’t seem to want me to (my suspicion is incompatible software by the way, not hardware). I listen to the show on Slackware Linux, using vlc. It’s on KCAA so I open the Playlist page (control L, Page->Playlist or that bulleted list button on the bottom). Under Internet I click on Icecast Radio Directory then AFTER the list the list appears type “kcaa” (case-insensitive) into the search box and when it appears double-click on it. You can also livestream it from their web site. This morning I put it on near the end of Late Night in the Desert, lay down for a minute – and woke up at 5:15 EDT fifteen minutes after it ended. Since I can’t call the rebroadcast number and I’m not a 19.5 member (I’m poor) It would be nic if someone would post a recap.

        1. Thanks anyway jplatt. I went back to the home page this morning and now there is a big pink LISTEN LIVE button which wasn’t there last night … oh well … I’ll note KCAA for the future 😉

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