1. there might be a few flaws in the logic here combining to make their ideas sound more plausible.

    first off, how exactly does one determine that 2 million year old cancers were formed completely free of any environmental influence? osteogenic?

    “Many modern cancers have all sorts of variables. “These days, we have cancers that are entirely new, brought on by obesity and diet, alcohol, smoking,” Randolph-Quinney said. “There is a direct causal link.”
    The tumors found in the ancient bones were primary osteogenic cancers, which means there weren’t any environmental factors, or variables, to account for their existence. These types of cancers obviously still exist today, so their existence could provide a constant of sorts.”

    as usual mr global’s having it both ways again inspite of obvious self contradictions.

    how many years did we endure being told cancers were genetic not environmental. now we’re being told more gafla.

    the flawed logical step involves the fact that these mainstream mr global scientists are claiming that what they don’t know is the same as what cannot be. since we don’t know what causes cancer, it can’t be this or that. or that what we do know has more significance than we thought

    how many decades did we have to listen to arguments about how cigarettes don’t cause cancer before it became consensus science that cigarettes cause cancer

    now folk are just getting on to the idea that okinowans for a couple generations smoked more than just about any other culture after wwII and had crazy low cancer rates – apparently diet makes a difference and their diet is amazing. take an okinowan to chicago and let them continue smoking while eating chicago food and sure they get cancer just like the rest of us.

    guess my point is here is to get a bit more humble about what we believe. mr global’s one trademark trait is clearly hubris

  2. MILLION-YEAR OLD HUMAN CANCER FOUND, will accept Presidential nomination from the Republocrat Party on Thursday.

  3. A million years ago cancer was a very rare disease. It’s only skyrocketed over the last 100 years due to our “scientific advancements”. It would not surprise me to find out that this was by intent.

  4. There was a side bar story about cancer found in dinosaur bones. And we know other species are capable of getting cancer interesting story none the less.

  5. Personally.. I don’t think that Evolution changes a lot over millions of years.. which just adds credence to the Sumerian Creation Myth about primitive workers being made from mixing Essence of the Gods with the local upright walking bipedals. All the Lucy’s and million year old fossels belong to the ancestors of the monkeys. (by that, I mean the living monkeys of our day and age..)

    homo australopithecus:


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