August 16, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday, you'll recall, I blogged about the next "fad" in human-machine mergers: the "electroceutical". As I noted, the technology is being hyped in the manner to which we've all become accustomed when technocrats talk with glowing terms about the merger of man and machine: "just think of all the wonderful health benefits." Well, as the reader might have guessed, I remain rather cynical and skeptical about the touted health benefits. I offered the speculation that such technologies have all the Orwellian draconian promise of mind manipulation on an enormous scale. After all, it was the notorious Spanish "psychiatrist" Jose Delgado who dreamed of a "psychotronic control of man" via such brain implants, and demonstrated the potentials during a Spanish bullfight by stopping a charging bull, which had a brain implant, dead in its tracks by pushing a button on a remote control.

Such mind control topics are an unpleasant subject to discuss, and get short shrift in the lamestream media. In spite of this, on this website, I've tried to alert the readership to the alarming potentials of such technology by the occasional blog. In the past, I've pointed out that there are technologies already being developed and patented, that allow an individual's thoughts to be remotely scanned and "read" and "translated," and technologies to do the exact opposite, to inject thoughts, moods, and ideas into an individual's brain, remotely. I've even noted, in this connection, that some are even proposing departments of "pre-crime" ala the Philip K. Dick thesis, epitomized in the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report.

Sounds like science fiction, right?

Wrong, if the following RT article shared by Mr. S. is true:

MI5 ‘mind reading unit’ foils potential terrorist attacks

That's right, the United Kingdom's famous counter-intelligence unit, MI-5, has a "mind-reading" anti-terrorism unit:

Up to seven potential terror attacks across Britain have been uncovered and stopped over the past year by a special MI5 unit which reads the minds of would-be attackers, the agency says.

MI5's Behavioural Science Unit (BSU), made up of criminologists, psychologists and other academics, was launched in 2004 to analyse suspects’ behaviours to determine whether they are about to carry out an attack.

The BSU’s aim is to find out whether those flagged as potential threats are “talkers or walkers” – those who boast or those who are prepared to act, according to The Sunday Times.

People selected for surveillance are chosen through intelligence gathered from the agency’s network of informants, as well as from the public.

The experts then search for signs of unusual activity such as an “increasing sense of grievance, a desire to acquire skills and tactics – an attempt to identify material for their plans and logistical practice and trial runs.”

According to Neil, an Arabic and Norwegian speaker who has worked for the unit for six years, “it takes some doing to go from talking about carrying out a violent act like killing to actually doing it.”

"Now wait a minute," you'll say. "There's nothing here about mind-reading technologies whatsoever."

True enough, but what one does have here is a version of Dick's "department of pre-crime." But this unit is doing, as the unit's formal title suggests, "behavioral analysis", an analysis that comes down to "best guess." But now imagine coupling such a unit to the types of technologies we've blogged about on this site before: remote sensing of brainwaves, neural mapping that allows those waves to be "translated" into actual language and speech, and the reverse technology, remote manipulation of the brain by microwaves or "electroceuticals", and one gets the idea.

And this brings us to yet more high octane speculation, and how these technologies will be sold to the public as "beneficial": they will be sold as "counter-terrorism and security protection measures."   Just sign up to get your chip implant and help fight "the war on terror," and of course, if one does not go along with the program, why, one must ipso facto have at least "bad intentions" if not be an "outright terrorist threat." And besides, of course, there's all those wonderful "health benefits" that I blogged about yesterday.

We've all seen the stories about universities in Japan and California mapping the brain with a great deal of accuracy, and even to a certain extent being able to read and "translate" brain waves. We've seen the stories about microwave manipulation of an individual's thoughts and moods from a distance and even the ability to project voices into an individual's mind and thoughts. And of course, we have Mr. Obama's massive "brain project" to map the human brain.

I submit there's an agenda behind all of this folks...

...and it's not benign.

See you on the flip side...