September 21, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

For those who continue to question where mind manipulation technologies, frequency entrainment technologies, and emotion-mind manipulation techniques exist and have had a deleterious influence in society, consider this article shared by Ms. M.W.:

Elon Musk is Looking to Kickstart Transhuman Evolution With “Brain Hacking” Tech

Of course, the idea of using electrical implants of some sort to stimulate certain areas of a brain to produce certain behaviors and results are as old as the infamous experiments of the notorious Spanish doctor Jose Delgado, who wrote a frightening book about the "psychotronic control" of society through such brain-manipulation technologies. To drive his point home, he performed an experiment in Spain in a bullfighting ring by implanting a clunky electrode in a bull's brain. Delgado then "bravely" entered the ring, flashing not a matador's cape, but carrying only a remote control with a few buttons. The bull, of course, charged Delgado, who remained calm, simply standing there as the animal charged, coming within a few feet, and then Delgado pressed a button, and the charged bull stopped in its tracks. Subsequently, that lovely man Zbgnw Brzzsnk, the vowel-impaired national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, wrote a book called Between Two Ages, all about the "technotronic", i.e., technocratic control of society, and one of the technology areas specifically implicated in his book were precisely brain manipulation technologies.

The Transhumanist movement, as my co-author Scott DeHart and I pointed out in our book Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas, was added to this, extolling the benefits of technology to extend and even create life ala Percy Shelley's Frankenstein (yes, I said Percy Shelley and not Mary Shelley: see Dr. deHart's Shelley Unbounded), and of course, as part of all this tanshumanism extols the benefits of direct technological-and-life "interfaces" to "enhance" human life in a version of Brzznsk's "technocratic man" on steroids.

But now there's a new technology, and Musk wants to pursue it:

Discussed in a conversation at the Code Conference, Musk touched on a number of topics, including this fascinating “brain hacking” tech. Take a look in the video below.

The concept was first thought up by Iain M. Banks in his Culture novels. In these novels, a neural lace is a mesh-like device that would be implanted in a person directly through the bloodstream, controlling the release of certain neurons using the power of thought.

Musk’s version of the neural lace doesn’t work exactly like that. Musk’s lace seems to be a mesh that would allow such AI to work symbiotically with the human brain. Signals will be picked up and transmitted wirelessly, but without any interference of natural neurological processes. Essentially, making it a digital brain upgrade. Imagine writing and sending texts just using your thoughts.

As far-fetched as it sounds, it’s not all mere science-fiction; there may be actual basis in verifiable science. We may, at least, already have the mesh part locked down. Nanotechnology experts have already developed an ultra-fine mesh of electronics that can seamlessly merge with the brain. This mesh has been tested on mice. Mr. Musk has hinted at announcing some developments in the area very soon.

 In our Transhumanism book, De DeHart and I mentioned the use of nanotechnologies in such direct mind-machine interfaces. So imagine the following nightmare scenario: imagine the technology exists to inject nanobots - via forcible vaccinations for example - which will then construct such a :"neural mesh" in an individual's brain. One would not even have to inform such an individual that such a vaccine contains such nanobots, and in today's world where western governments and corporations have gone mad with power and largely turned their backs on their own people - Les Deplorables to invoke Darth Hillary's recent comments out of context - one can be fairly certain that they'd attempt to do so.

Of course, all of this is apparently just peachy for Mr. Musk; after all, we'll be able to send texts and thoughts just by "thinking about it," and won't that be wonderful? With enough "development," one might perhaps be able to continue sending and receiving "thought texts" and carrying on conversations while one is asleep. After all, the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is studying dolphins and how one part of their brains sleep while the other part takes over and allows dolphins to function, effectively, 24/7.

But imagine the other side: Having such a "neural lace" or "mesh" would dramatically expand the already existing technologies for remotely mapping brain functions, for remotely reading their interior "conversations", moods, emotions, and yes, for the remote manipulation of them.

So much I have covered here on this website before, but by mentioning this development in the context of Dr. Delgado's and Mr. Brzznsk's books, I want to draw attention to an inevitable result these developments will have for society, for there will inevitably be many individuals - I among them - who will simply refuse to accept the new technologies. Human society, as a consequence, will divide into homo sapiens sapiens and homo spiens electricus. And I am bold to suggest that the latter may not even be an "overclass", for by wiring themselves into a vast machine, they will ultimately be the victims of the very mind manipulation the seek to impose, and hence, increasingly incapable of independent thought and action. We see this already with the conceptual calcification of the Western "elites," unable to think or respond in any other way than that they have thought and responded for the past one hundred years as the situation has moved far beyond their World War One era playbooks.

And, as Mr. Musk pointed out a few years ago when asked whether he though AI(Artificial Intelligence) was a good thing, his unusual response surprised people: Mr. Musk opined that AI may not be so good, because it might actually invoke, or be a gateway for, some sort of malign intelligence to enter and take over the machine, a literal "ghost in the machine."

I respectfully suggest to Mr. Musk he carefully consider the implications of his own remarks with respect to the neural laces and meshes.

See you on the flip side...