27 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM SEPT 15/17 2016”

  1. Although the info-source is suspect, it is possible that Putin has had enough. It was mentioned earlier that the ‘strike’ on the BMW limousine may not have been solely against the chauffeur. It is possible that there may have been BOTH Putin (or a body-double) and the chauffeur in that car, and this is being hushed-up for political purposes. (Either or both may or may not be dead; who knows.) This ‘strike’ may have let the cork out of the bottle…

    On the family side, I am surprised no one has brought-up the experiment of the kibbutz. In those artificial communities, children were separated from their biological mother and father at birth or an early age. Then, they were raised in a communal fashion. In that way, personal connections were minimized and State connections were maximized. We have seen how this has worked-out in the ethics/morality of the ‘graduates’. Frightening…

  2. The website should be considered with reference to USA tabloids like the National Enquirer. Yes, they print stories about BatBoy, but many other times they have printed the truth when no one else would in the USA. I regard this website in the same vein, and like Dr. Farrell my very deepest hunch is that this story is reporting a strong and large kernel of truth.

    There was a story like this on an Hungarian webpage that has gone dark. The story was older but it mentioned that the Kremlin was going to take action against those non-diplomatic persons on the Kremlin’s enemies list commensurate with the level of threat posed to the Russian state by those individuals. Soros was not mentioned by name, but it does not take a psychic to read these tea leaves.

    At that time I had wondered why the Russians had not entered into a more aggressive stance against those non-Ukrainians and non-Russians who turned the Ukraine into a war zone. Given the commentary of the Obama and Clinton covens that constantly blames Russia … with funding from Soros sources… I don’t think anyone should be surprised if Soros is now on a Russian list to neutralise his efforts if not also neutralise the man.

  3. A couple of comments:

    First, the “Wanted Dead or Alive” is in quotes, and writers these days are taught to create attention-getting headlines which do not necessarily reflect the true content of the article. This is considered acceptable practice not only on the web, but also in print and mainstream “journalism.” So it may be nothing more than hyperbole on the part of a poorly skilled writer, possibly one with minimal knowledge of American culture (if one may call old TV shows “culture”).

    It could also be paving a backstory for a false flag incident, as we have no idea who this website is or who runs them. (Much like with the driver’s death story, which I have not seen reported anywhere other than two closely linked British (MI6?) media sites.)

    I do agree that it bears watching, as there is obviously something of a piscine odor about it.

    1. I imagine Russian intelligence has known the Soros agents and has simply watched them for information. The story link you posted may well indicate that Russian intelligence is now prepared to shut down all of those serving Soros within Russia.

  4. This has been the meme for at least since Christianity became the official religion under Constantine. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria and other records of the past around the World. The destruction of traditional societies worldwide be they patriarchal or matriarchal base has also been part of this policy. Think of a fusion of Brave New World and 1984 that will give some idea of Soros and his ilk wet dream.

    1. History repeats itself using many of the same tools; lies, art, religion, government, secret groups, war and propaganda. But why? Why ruin our beautiful earth and needing control of a much larger population? I tend to think those lusch stories are correct. They get off on human suffering, estorically. But then that also means the opposite is true, we can use the same universal life force energy. The entities that want to control use fear because they are in fear. It’s our best way to freedom and I do see many waking up. It’s hard getting through my own entrainment.

      1. Excellent comment! Truth for both the situation and the solution. (This is one of the reasons why Wilhelm Reich was jumped-on so hard…)

  5. Wow, I hadn’t considered Soros being part of the Un-Dead. But, that is a good point!

    Putin, is a real breath of fresh air. It would be interesting to see if Russians start NWO / PTB Vampire hunting. Vlad’s chauffer indcident was waaayyy too convenient.. Can’t wait to see the Ruskie’s return volley!! I wonder if they’ll dust off ye ole nail gun??

  6. Robert Barricklow

    The magic bullets are going to start flying madly about
    within and outside the insane asylums
    of so-called global leadership.

  7. First time I’ve seen AWDNews and it doesn’t actually link to its source which is simply listed as yournewswire.com, which itself is never to be trusted. It specializes in clickbait headlines, editorialized ‘news’ with few if any sources to support the headline, and is avoided by serious researchers. A headline search will bring up the original article by Sean Adl-Tabatabai, self-styled editor-in-chief. In fact, yournewswire uses Sorcha Faal’s articles as sources, which gives you an idea of its reliability. Caveat lector!

  8. Joseph: Sorry, but AWD News is very much a “fly-by-night website” — as per Snopes, as per Democratic Underground (DU), and as per my research.

    Previous articles included stories about the Jordanian King murdering his wife and Joe Biden seducing a 13-year-old girl at a public ceremony.

    AWDnews.com is hosted in Germany (as per WhoIs) and managed from Pakistan (as per DU). “AWD” (“Another Western Dawn”) only appears to do nasty articles about the enemies of U.S. NeoCons & few others. Enough said?

    Regardless, yes, few Russians will shed a tear when Soros dies. ;-).

    1. I did just watch that video on YouTube this morning and it does show him bending over to whisper in her ear and she isn’t smiling.

      1. SG: Agree, not smiling; however, AWDnews headline @ Biden is also NOT proven. Regardless, check AND verify other AWDnews headlines & stories. Most if not all are NOT verifiable.

  9. Look at the most Western countries. The family unit in Belgium is all but destroyed. A fundamental implementation to have a society that is numb in all aspects and can’t react adequate to anything. Even worse, the lost people want more goverment to rule their lives. Soon we will have “potty” times to ensure we won’t leak in the open!

    Seems to me, for the time being, Russia is society wise going the opposite way and endorsing traditional family units. Family units are the fundation of any society, so yes, rather important.

  10. I’m surprised no one has crowdfunded George Soros’ assassination attempt.

    The scary thing may be those assassination attempts that may require excessive collateral damage to ensure striking the designated human target, such as an “ISIS” or “white supremacist” mini nuke near a presidential residence or bankster estate.

    1. Or they could really up the stakes with assassinations attempts to be blamed on god, such as earthquakes and meteor strikes.

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