1. but all of this is assuming the Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit is actually the ‘real’ Putin-

    if my read sources are correct Putin has several doubles (why not?- all top Nazis did- Hitler had 6- reportedly Stalin, an extremely paranoid man, 14- long story)-

    Putin seems to be a wiley fox-

    my high octane speculation: the perpetrators of this accident knew the Putin at the G20 was not the real Putin, assumed the real Putin would be driving around Moscow in his limousine only to have his car “accidented” (assuming he was in it which he reportedly wasn’t) and the driver had to die because of it- politics is a dirty business-

    be well all-

    Larry in Germany

    1. Why wouldn’t it be the real Putin at G20? That’s like the worst place to have a double show up, especially if it involved communication with other world leaders.

    2. LSM, I agree. My ‘moderated’ comment postulates exactly the same thing. Putin knows he is hunted…

      ShiningOne, you are naive or a mouthpiece. Putin would be a target on any flights, any road traffic, and even in a hotel. Other diplomatic people would know this, and factor that in. They would know that a body-double would be briefed for conversations, and that the official communiques which would be dispersed would be the words of ‘real’ Putin. (Safe in a dacha in Russia…)

      1. I’m neither naive, nor a mouthpiece. Giza Death Star provides a heck of a lot more freedom of speech than you will ever find on websites pertaining to these subjects. If you think you have it bad, try talking about these subjects on all of the shill forums. Plenty to choose from. Stop being so paranoid.

        1. Stop being so naive. And no, mouthpiece, I won’t accept your ‘invitation’ to leave. Thanks, anyway…

      1. I wouldn’t rule out anything; all of your top Nazis had doubles; the person hanged in Irak was Hussein’s double; even SH’s sons had doubles; was on an excellent German talk show yrs. ago where an escaped Iraqi seeking political asylum in Germany told his story; he was coerced into being the double for one of SH’s sons; long story

        1. think of all the horrible bit parts and typecast crap various bums have played for decades that we all watched.

          does anyone really believe ken lay died just before his day in court? or any other number of people? how easy and nice it’d be after having such a public life for someone like say bill clinton to just disappear and fade into the woodwork. or perhaps a resort in south america.

          any number of these jerks who played mr global’s evil role in all these hegelian dialectics – that list seems endless and growing. dya suppose the paperclip process has not gotten any better planned, executed and financed than it was 70 years ago?

          what does one do with a boogeyman who’s loyalty to mr global has more than earned mr global’s admiration?

  2. I studied the photographs, too, and in my analysis, the Mercedes was the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and veered off across the median to hit the limousine. The photograph of the crash scene is taken from the opposite perspective, from the other side of the road from the aerial view. It is very likely that the limo driver was also former KGB. My parents stayed in the Moscow US embassy in 1959 (during Kitchen debates) and their chauffeur was KGB. Anyone with those years of experience driving Putin would be and likely important, certainly loyal. The fact that we know nothing about the condition of the Mercedes driver speaks volumes. Find out who he was and where he is now…. There is your answer. I think this screams that the limo was a target.

    1. justawhoaman, I agree. My ‘moderated’ comment postulates exactly the same thing. The limo (BMW) was the target. I imagine the Mercedes driver is under extreme ‘protection’ if he/she was an innocent, horrified ‘witness’ to a car-jacking…

      1. P.S. Just to see if this goes through…

        To get up to speed on the vulnerability of cars to remote hacking, see:
        jimstonefreelance dot com/carhack.html
        jimstonefreelance dot com/whattodo.html (scroll down to “about remote control of modern cars”)

        1. For the record, I just tried to go directly to
          jimstonefreelance dot com/whattodo.html (reconfiguring ‘dot’)
          My FireFox browser would not bring-up the page, saying that it was ‘improperly configured’.

          The original way I found the page was typing-in
          “jim stone” car hack
          into my search engine and going-down to that listed page. From there, FireFox would allow that page. You may have to do the same…

  3. One point to be aware of …. the current trend among auto manufacturers is the use of “Electric Power Steering” as opposed to the old method of applying hydraulics to do the task. Combine this with “Fully Automatic Parking Systems” and “Digital Throttle Control” in modern Autos, then you have the means to hack into and take over the control of a motor vehicle.

  4. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Yep, too close to the truth…
    goshawks – September 9, 2016 at 1:56 am.

      1. I certainly hope so as that’s the point of comments, communication of different ideas and perspectives.

        1. Post moderation is there to prevent trolls. If Daniel wasn’t moderating posts, you’d see a lot more shills and general troublemakers cluttering the comment sections.

      2. Yes, I am.

        This is my way of showing resistance to being kept off-screen until the bulk of readers pass-on to the next articles. Combined with the new ‘policy’ of only showing that-day’s reader-postings on the main page, this is a very effective way of de-facto censoring posts (without actually deleting them).

        My continuing ‘reminders’ are a way of showing that I am ‘on’ to this strategy and will not tacitly accept it through silence…

        1. P.S. I have a good, detailed comment in moderation RIGHT NOW which could contribute to the ‘crash’ debate. It has no ‘trigger’ words in it. It is a shame to keep it from other readers…

          1. Sorry, but no can do. I am ‘moderated’ far beyond anyone else here (at least those who acknowledge it publicly). Basta, for example, says much the same as I do and makes it through. WalkingDead and Aridzonan_13 are other examples. (And others.) The proof is in the pudding…

            When folks stop messing with me, I’ll stop saying things like “too close to the truth”.

        2. Clearly you’ve got it all figured out. Giza Death Star is conspiring against you, and you alone. Good day.

          1. Nope, I never said that. Others have been moderated, too…

            However, go back and sum-up the amount of times that I have been moderated (and wrote about being moderated at the time) versus all the other posters combined. You will note what I am talking about.

            Scientific analysis, not paranoia…

            (By the way, I never said it was Giza Death Star doing the ‘scrub’. I just said it was being done…)

          2. Then whose doing it? The Illuminati? Because Giza Death Star doesn’t just magically decide one person should be moderated more over the other. I have had MULTIPLE posts moderated, only shortly for them to be undone. The system doesn’t discriminate. So yes, you ARE paranoid if you think you’re receiving special treatment. I’m done talking to you.

          3. Robert Barricklow

            Good to see that “The Shining One” is a shining-expert on “The Theory of Mind”.

            Many here have experienced Moderation. There are many theories as to what places your comments under moderation.
            Perhaps you do have The answer.
            I sure as hell don’t.

          4. Then maybe you should ask Daniel as to the cause of it, because this “I’m getting too close to the truth because my posts keeps getting moderated” nonsense needs to stop — joke or not. I’ve had the most simple posts get moderated, that weren’t at all controversial. However, in the end, they were always in due course made public. Time to move on.

        3. ShiningOne, your ‘got to stop’ mentality is interesting. It would almost seem like you have a ‘stake’ in this discussion…

          My comments after my “Your comment is awaiting moderation” statement are my own business. If I choose to bring attention to over-the-top moderating (I think Robert Barricklow is the other person most-moderated), I think that is an admirable thing.

          In the most-fortunate response, it might cause the censors to dial-back their censorship. Otherwise, the community knows what is going-on. A win, either way…

          1. censored vs moderated. who cares. there’s too much of either one. for a site of folk who read and write at this level, there’s no need for either. concisity (noam chomsky sucks in his own special useful idiot way) is not a useful virtue here. and we’re all grown up enough to tune out folk we see as not worth reading.

            so if it’s you daniel, doing the moderating that is not quite censorship, please stop. if it’s someone else intending to juke the system as we speculate to each other, by all means continue. keep giving us more to speculate about. and keep yanking our chains trying to keep us from speculating fast enough for our tastes.

            either way it’s a self limiting disease.

            even if your’s are not to close to the truth g, who cares. i for one prefer to see your commnents about moderated comments. what i like more is your comments elsewhere linking us to comments out of moderation.

            if anything daniel, i’d love to see links all down the side of the page going back 100’s of comments telling us the topic, the date posted and the date published. i think bradblog does something along that line.

            some moderation is probably good. the level g, robert, basta and the lesser level most of us have gotten is probably not. as ever good luck daniel. especially if the moderation is coming from outside your control.

            along the lines of asking for everything, might as well request a snail mail po box for those of us more amish who wish to sends funds the old fashioned way. i know i know, it’s against your religion. still it might be a good way to polish that religion.

            either way thank you for what you do and please keep doing it and learning about it and doing it some more.

  5. (Joseph seems to gotten the cars backward, in his further-analysis after reading it correctly from the newspaper article. Putin’s car was the BMW, proceeding straight down the highway. The Mercedes was the car traveling at high speed in the far-left lane or median, and then swerving into oncoming traffic and striking the BMW.)

    First, the Russians need to watch the early ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (Mark II) episodes. Then, they need to reflect deeply about the merits of electronic controls versus mechanical controls…

    To get up to speed on the vulnerability of cars to remote hacking, see:
    jimstonefreelance dot com/carhack.html
    jimstonefreelance dot com/whattodo.html (scroll down to “about remote control of modern cars”)

    On this event, I am curious whether ‘a Putin’ was actually in that BMW, and this is being covered-up. There was an internet-frenzy a year or two back when various Putin ‘body doubles’ were being exposed by varying earlobe shapes, etc. What if the baddies thought a body double was at the G20, and moved to strike at the probable ‘real’ Putin safely at home? (This, of course, may have been yet-another body double with Putin closeted at a dacha somewhere.)

    I am also noting that the baddies seem to be going-after people whom Putin has a friendship or heart-contact with. Remember Mikhail Lesin, Putin’s former press minister and a close friend, who died of ‘blunt force trauma’ in a Washington hotel? Add his favorite chauffeur, and a pattern begins to form. Not just deaths, but emotional-closeness targeting.

    If I were Putin, tit-for-tat might begin with ‘favorites’ of those who actually ordered these deaths…

    1. what are the odds we will ever see a version of news on such a tit-for-tat act?

      first we’d have to be able to know the existence of one of such an order giver. then we’d have to be aware of their identity. then we’d have to have access to a media (even alt media) that allowed for such knowledge of their existence and tit-for-tat demise.

  6. The Mercedes did cross the median targeting the BMW in the most vulnerable location. Keep your eye on the “bouncing white ball-like debris” that suddenly appears at 1:04 into the median this video, then resting damn near where the BMW approaches. Notice how it remains at rest…then when traffic stops, no longer experiencing wind force…it leaps from the median across the same highway the BMW occupied…and then it vanishes! Boston Brakes is now satellite controlled as it was in the Paris tunnel supplemented by relays.
    This video presents the vehicles from both directions.
    I can hear Dr. Farrell’s high octane filling the tank after viewing this.

    By the way, it was GM Engineering who invented “Boston Brakes” in the early 70’s and I’ll leave it at that.

    Don’t know what to make of this with
    Dr. William Mount https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FavYyrTHs_Q

  7. agreed doc. message is likely.

    Another message is intended for the peanut gallery: a couple of really powerful guys are having a nasty powerful argument and you slaves watching this might have to go kill a whole bunch and be killed by a whole bunch of slaves owned and operated by another really powerful guy so get ready and sound tough and loyally virtuous.

  8. It appears SPECTRE is indeed alive and well. Control Access Network Bus aka CAN.. Runs on Java. Java has more backdoors than you can count. I won’t own a vehicle newer than 2003. Hope to build my own hybrid. There have been several videos on how to hack a car. Do a YT search on the subject..

    Can’t wait to see Vlad’s return volley. He’s an expert Judoka.. BTW, Judo is the art of hitting someone with the planet.

  9. There is a possibility that both vehicles might have been hacked. Investigators will have their hands filled trying to cut through this Gordian knot of evidence to get to the truth behind this tragedy. The West true face as barbarians revealed daily.

  10. There are two videos from different angles. In the second video it is apparent that one vehicle is traveling normally in traffic, the other is traveling at a high rate of speed, for quite some distance, in the median between traffic going in opposite directions, just prior to abruptly swerving into the other vehicle. My impression was that the targeted vehicle was the one traveling normally in traffic. Whether or not it is normal for Putin’s driver to drive in this manner, or not, I can’t say, if his vehicle was the one traveling down the median at a high rate of speed.
    I understand that cars can be remotely hacked, but can they be hacked; driven at high rates of speed for more than a quarter of a mile between traffic going in opposite directions; and then directed into a specific target, which appears to be the case here. I was under the impression that the targeted vehicle was Putin’s car from the video; I may have been mistaken there. I’m not certain if remote hacking can accomplish this without additional modifications to the vehicle, which would be extremely difficult to manage in this case, hence my impression that Putin’s vehicle was the one targeted.

    1. Google’s self driving cars already on the road should answer that question, especially if the cars were newer models with GPS and little black insurance boxes against potential state enemies. But the driver could have been a mkultra asset or a compromised person forced to do it.

      1. My guess would be a compromised driver over a compromised vehicle; or both, to insure the driver carried out his mission. We will have to wait for the results of the investigation, if they are made public, for an answer to this one.

  11. The Mercedes Benz being taken controlled remotely makes more sense than the BMW in my mind. It’s speculated that the same thing happened to writer Michael Hastings which ended his life. The engineering does exist.

  12. So soon after the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana on August 31st, it just strikes me as odd.
    BTW, you can use your cursor to watch this video frame by frame.

  13. This is the description under the RT video dated 6 Sept.: “A high-speed head-on collision between a BMW government car and a Mercedes was caught on CCTV. According to police, the Mercedes unexpectedly changed direction, crossed into oncoming traffic line and crashed into the BMW. The driver of the BMW has died, driver of Mercedes in in hospital. The BMW in question was assigned to the Russian upper house of Parliament, the Federation Council, had no passengers when the crash occured. The crash took place on September 2, and a police investigation is under way.”

    1. If the Mercedes crossed the median to run into the presidential BMW limo, that’s a much more difficult if not virtually impossible maneuver for a remote control operator a driver to make. Of course, Russian authorities are investigating the other driver and the Mercedes itself.

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