You just have to laugh at the Lunacy Index (or is this the Hysteria Index? Hard to tell), and the idea that people can alter reality simply by the Gnostic tactic of altering the language:

Bayer may rebrand Monsanto to 'get beyond the reputation thing'

Yes, that's right, Bayer, former component of IG Farben, recognizes that Mon(ster)santo has a reputation problem. Solution: simple: just rebrand it.

...still laughing here. What about you?


  1. “Re-branding” goes on all the time……. ’tis the way of things……. James Corbett did a nice piece on the Bill Gates “re-branding” here:


    Believe it or not, most people I come into contact with have never heard of Monsanto…. Bayer, yes, but Monsanto, no…….. some days (not most,) I wish I could stick my head in the sand & be oblivious to the happenings of the world…….. but then I’d be upset b/c I missed all the drama!

    Regardless of all the negativity, the nut-cases, the sociopaths, & all manner of folk full of ill intent, it still is, at the end of the day, one hell of a ride!


  2. Are we forgetting the vibration of words, language? It should be interesting to see what they come up with.

  3. Blackwater a.k.a. XE, a.k.a. Academi. I’ve lost track of what name they are going under now. They can certainly muddy the waters, but they can’t change what they are….

  4. I think, to be fair, you should use the first letter of Bayer and the last letter of Monsanto for the merged conglomerate. B.O. sounds about right…

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Just like the elitist perpetual wars on all possible & imaginable fronts; their transnational cartels must continually rebrand. Even their subsidiaries like Monsanto’s Blackwater. Pretty soon there will need to be a whole magazine devoted to publishing the perpetual names changing as well as continually changing ownership games of musical chairs.

  6. To borrow Dr Farrels term.. High Octane speculation..
    Rothechilde and Bayer..



    and they’ve been doing this for years..
    This in 2014 :

    ((quote “Bayer’s chief executive Marijn Dekkers said last week that the divestment of the MaterialScience unit, which may be rebranded before a listing, will free up money for investment in Bayer’s healthcare, veterinary drugs and crop protection businesses.”))

    So.. just because.. we MUST not forget.
    http://www.diatala.org/article-ig-farben-gaz-nazi-zyklon-b-et-monsanto-107208342.html (sorry its in French, but its a very good ROUNDUP of the situation concerning IG Farben to Bayer…if you speak french..)

    1. Oh my.. the more I read into Bayer (without Dr Farrels books, Id still be innocent and naive. :)) the more sick and uneasy I feel…
      Bayer is incredibly involved in political lobbying groups and saw their TAXES reduced from 1billion in 2000 (dr Evil: billion DOLLAHS..)to 160 million(have to check that number again, but its around there) in 2001.
      They bought lots of women from concentration camps in order to experiment sleeping drugs on them..
      And I thought it was Monsanto the big green monster..
      Monsanto’s gonna be injected with a healthy dose of Thule and Nazi Morals.

      1. thats lots as in lots of goods.. (the t is silent) they bought women as livestock in 150 unit lots. yes during Nazi Germany.. But I dont think anyone got brought to justice for that one..

  7. Given the reputation of both these companies and their history. Changing names is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic after it struck the iceberg. They both have dodgy histories and that’s putting it mildly Al Capone could more likely claim innocence is a murder than these two mass killers companies.

    1. Al Capone could more likely claim innocence of murdering his rivals. Than Bayer and Monsanto can claim they’re a blessing to humanity they’ve sent more people and other living creatures to a miserable death than all the organized criminals combined.

  8. It works. The banks in Belgium after the 2008 debacle all changed their names. Some even a few times. Seems a lot of people like to be fooled so later they can moan about it. Better then being responsible, that is to much hard work.

  9. Heroin Nazis and Agent Orange.. Yep. Bit of a public image problem there.. Well you can put make up and high heel boots on a pig, but it’ll still roll around in ….
    I’m still reeling over the ‘cash’ payment. Coming from a company that’s based in a country where the Bank refuses to honour gold deliveries… And the general population has been told to stockpile water and food.

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