October 19, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

With all the very strange things I've been logging about over the past few days and the past couple of weeks, this one almost became lost in the shuffle, but it was shared by Ms. J. d. F., and since I haven't ranted about the state of Amairikuhn Edgykayshun in a while, I thought it was high time.

The only trouble is, the world is so upside down any more that I don't know whether to rant or not, or just let the article speak for itself, but in either case, while I'm making up my mind, here's the article:

Goodbye USSR - Hello Home Education!

Well, I decided to rant, but maybe only just a little bit.

Let me begin by making myself clear: philosophically I have nothing whatsoever against homeschooling. Studies seem to show children do better in such environments. My problem has always been the idea that it is being done by Americans, who, especially now, are some of the dumbest people on the planet. And by dumb, I mean truly stupendously and colossally stupid, and by truly stupendously colossally stupid, I mean lobotomized zombie-like craziness that one could only expect to see paraded on display in a comedy or a television series sitcom. And I'm being entirely serious. One can find online "congresspersons" or in this case, more preferably, "congressentities" quite literally opining, to a set of Pentagon officers, with mystified (and thankfully, bemused expressions on their faces as they struggle to suppress their laughter), about how the island of Florida(!) might "capsize"(! again) and "sink"(! yet again) should the always-shifty-never-to-be-trusted-Rooskies and their Criminal Genius Master, the Evil Mr. Putin, launch a missile and punch a hole through the bottom of the island of Florida.

I kid you not. It's there. I heard it listening to a well-known American talk show host whom I never like to listen to, but someone sent me the link, and when I read the header on her email, I thought "it can't be true" so I went and listened to it. It's there. To my simultaneously horrified and laughing delight, it was there.

Now, I've been maintaining for years that the "elite" in the USSA have so succeeded in dumbing down the vast population of this country that they've even dumbed themselves down, and there's the proof.

But wait, it doesn't stop there: in yet another recent display of intellectual prowess by a Congressentity, a US general was asked what the big deal about those-darned-Rooskies being in Syria was. Well, the general responded patiently, we endanger our pilots' lives if we insist on bombing those-darned-Rooskies and their advisors, troops, etc. Well, then, the congressentity replied, why not just use drones or missiles to do it? The general, like any rational and relatively well-educated person, again looked mystified, and responded, well, if we do that, it would essentially mean war, and they will retaliate. Perhaps the word "retaliate" was a bit beyond the congressentity's "vocabulistics", and perhaps the congressentity had no conception that Russia possesses something called a "military". In any case, the general had to go on to explain what all of this meant: it meant a fullscale war, and that was not a decision he wanted to make. Presumably the word "war" was not beyond the Congressentity's knowledge of "vocabulistsics".

With that in mind, you can see why I'm a little skeptical of home schooling in the American context, for soon we'll have a bumper crop of congressentities believing that the world was created in 4004 BC (that's in the Bible, you see), and Russia is the Great King of the East that the good ole USSA has to defeat at Armageddon to bring in the reign of the Imam Mahdi... er... the oh well it gets kind of confusing at this part. Other home schoolers would probably learn what a wonderful thing uploading our consciousness into computers will be, as they're cryogenically frozen to be revived when the cure for invincible ignorance is discovered and everyone can be vaccinated by the CDC against it.

Of course, that said, I'm still not opposed to home schooling, because the fundamentalist transhumanists in Silicon Valley and the evangelical fundamentalists in Appalachia will soon come chin-to-chin with a little phenomenon called "markets" and discover that they're not much good for anything other than a career in goobernment as a Congressentity.

Enter Russia, which, according to the article, is all for home schooling. Let that one soak in for a moment. We're told all the time that Vlad the Mad is some sort of neo-Stalinist. Actually, this is a rather clever plot on his part to allow all those "true believers" in the Communist Party to home school their kids in preparation for  stellar careers as ticket takers and conductors on the state railways. Fortunately, Russian schools have not succumbed to the point of teaching that Florida is a capsize-able sinkable island, and is now hosting the next global home schooling conference. Something tells me that the Russians will be reading Tolstoy and Dostoyevski and Solzhenitsyn, and studying Sakharov and reading those indispensable Russian mathematics texts and not taking standardized tests run by what's-his-name's company.

See you on the flip side...