October 17, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

In case you thought it was the Demorats alone that specialize in ratcheting up the Lunacy Index about Russia, or that the so called "neo-cons" only infest that party, consider the Hysteria Index being ratcheted up in the Republithug party, the party of America's "kinder, gentler" left, the personal symbol of which is probably US Senator John McCain. McCain, like Darth Soros and the other Sith Apprentices now infesting the District of Corruption, has his own NGO, or Non-Governmental Organization. And it's been busy promoting "democracy" in Russia, but the Russian state prosecutor has now put the "good" senator's NGOs on the list of organizations that are a threat to the Russian national security and government:

Moscow Moves to Block John McCain's Activities in Russia

Now, for our foreign readers, think of Senator McCain as another Hillary Clinton, but without either her brain, restraint, warmth, or charm. You'll recall he "ran"(more like jogged) for President a few years ago. But in any case, as a reading of the article, and more importantly, the comments which follow it, it is very clear that such "NGO's" are nothing more or less than the "tax-free foundation," gone international. And therein lies, perhaps, a problem that needs to be addressed.

Effectively, with their tax-exempt status, such entities have a sovereign status that you or I do not enjoy: they allow the wealthy to deposit their wealth in a foundation, pay no taxes on it, and yet through influence and personnel, still control that wealth and moreover, do so to advocate and advance their personal or class interests and agendas both domestically (in the classical foundation sense), and now internationally, in the NGO sense. In effect, we are looking at revivals of the military crusading orders of the Middle Ages, able, with their great wealth, to buy and fund mercenary military operations, including those of a covert nature. This the Russian Prosecutor's office has implied more or less directly:

Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office said on Thursday the activity of two more foreign NGOs, including the International Republican Institute chaired by US Senator John McCain, is undesirable in Russia.

In total, seven NGOs have been named undesirable in Russia.

"Today after studying the materials the Prosecutor General’s Office made decisions to consider that the activity of foreign NGOs - the International Republican Institute and the Media Development Investment Fund, Inc. - is undesirable on the territory of Russia," it said.

The activity of these organizations poses a threat to the basis of Russia’s constitutional system and security of the state, the press service said. The information on the decision has been sent to Russia’s Justice Ministry.

As I've recently mentioned in my the book Rotten to the (Common) Core with co-author Gary Lawrence, the Reese Committee of the US House in the 1950's came to similar conclusions about these foundations, even drawing the conclusion that they functioned like the military crusading orders of the Middle Ages.

Of course, we'll hear about the horrible "undemocratic" institutions and policies of Mr. Putin, but the reality is, when one looks at the track records of these foundations both domestically and internationally, that they are engaged in nothing less, or more, than graft, bribery, money-laundering, information peddling (espionage) and even in some cases sedition. They are not "philanthropic" at all nor anything even approaching it, notwithstanding the euphemistic language in which they cloak their activities. Think only of the investment of these foundations in "progressivist education" in the USA, from Ford, Carnegie, Rockefailure and Gates, and a host of lesser well-known names, and one gets the idea.

So why am I bothering about all this?

For one simple reason: I suspect that these actions in Russia are the prelude to a much larger campaign, one that will emerge gradually over the coming years in the BRICSA bloc, to examine and curtail the activities of such NGOs and "foundations" and "trusts", and to advocate for their complete abolition in any emerging global governance system. "Capitalism without tax exemption"... watch for it, for I think it's coming, and NGOs and foundations will be the means by which the meme is driven. And watch for this critique to be not only launched by Russia, which they just did, but deepened and widened by it as well, from whence it will spread to the other BRICSA bloc nations.

See you on the flip side...