October 22, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

In yesterday's blog I indicated that there was a lot of very strange space news that emerged in the context of President Obama's recent executive order concerning space weather events, and that I thought it provided an interesting backdrop or context from which to view that order. Today's story is no different, and was shared by many regular readers of this website.

In this instance, the story concerns the mysterious and downright macabre death of a British UFO researcher in Poland. Here's a few versions of the story:

British UFO expert and Orlando Bloom schoolmate found dead in Poland 'sacrificed by Satanists'

UFO expert found dead after ‘vomiting black liquid’

UFO expert was going to expose ‘black magic’ ring, fiancée says

There you have it. Max Spiers, 39, had been apparently invited to a conference in Warsaw about UFOs, or conspiracies, or whatever. And that's the point here: there's precious little specific information on what exactly the conference was supposed to be about, nor about its organizers and sponsors. And as the article notes, Spiers was also  "said to be probing into the lives of well-known figures in politics, business and entertainment." Additionally, Spiers apparently telephoned his family to indicate he was scared, that he was being held against his will and that strange and satanic rituals were being held to exorcise demons(!). Spiers also apparently "Just days before his death the extra-terrestrial expert sent a chilling text message to his mum, saying: 'Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.'" He was found dead on the sofa of a woman in Warsaw, having apparently vomited some sort of black bile or liquid, a possible indicator of poisoning.

Beyond this, there is almost nothing of detail, beyond the articles' mention of the fact that many UFO investigators believe that UFO investigators who get too close to "the truth" are killed.

However, the death occurs in a wider context, not the least of which are a strange set of leaked emails from Wikileaks. With all the broohaha going on in the American election, with the Lunacy and Hysteria Indices reaching new highs and with all the focus on Darth Hillary's emails, there are, however, a few emails that that have gone unnoticed, and they have to do with former intelligence chief and Darth Hillary cheerleader John Podesta, and UFO researcher and novelist and former rock star Tom DeLonge:

And of course, there's even wider space-related UFO "stuff" hovering in the background here, including Mr. Obama's recent space weather executive order.  Given all this high orbital strangeness, Mr. Spier's death takes on an even more ominous significance, which one might boil down as follows in terms of our trademark high octane speculation:

(1) It is possible that given Mr. Spiers' UFO interest, his apparent "probes into the lives of well-known figures in politics, business, and entertainment," that his death is related to these two seemingly discrete and divergent interests. After all, Mr. Podesta and Mr. DeLonge would certainly qualify as figures in politics and entertainment, and given the Blink 182 rock band founder's interests in UFOs, one is hard-pressed to imagine any conversation between him and Mr. Podesta as being about a subject that was not UFO-related;

(2) Given the circumstances of Mr. Spier's macabre death and his apparent warnings to his mother, it is possible that the occult goings-on that surrounded his death might similarly be related to his demise, and hence that the occult goings-on might have been a subject of his UFO investigations as well. Had Mr. Spiers uncovered a possible connection between UFO phenomena and the black arts? Possible, but if so, he would not be the only one. Consider only Nick Redfern's Final Events: and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife or Dr. Jacques Vallee's now classic study Passport to Magonia. Now, if you're not entirely convinced of this occult angle, consider the following version of this story, which is offering considerably more detail than the others:

Max Spiers: British UFO Researcher Found Dead of “Natural Causes” Days After Telling Mother to Investigate If Anything Happens to Him

The unanswered question here is why Spiers, a UFO researcher, would be investigating a child sex-abuse-slavery satanic cult, but the answer is obvious from the question: somewhere along the line he may have uncovered a connection between the two. Such a connection is not hard to envision either, since many "abductees" report a kind of sexual-medical abuse in their encounters.

(3) He had somehow found evidence tying both previous possibilities together.

Adding to the circumstances surrounding his death, which certainly appears to be death by poisoning, is the fact that the Polish authorities, if they conducted an autopsy, have not released it to Spier's family, and that the British authorities, which seem to have undertaken a similar post mortem, are not being terribly forthcoming either, which ratchets up the incident into what may be one of the world's few - if not first - UFO related international "death incidents." And if that's the case, then one has a case of an international coordinated cover-up of some sort.

There's a final question that disturbs here. Spiers, like most researchers, probably kept notes somewhere, and like most researchers, probably had a "dead man's switch," i.e., a copy of those notes deposited somewhere, perhaps with two or three trusted friends. So the question is, why is there no mention of any notes in connection with his death? After all, if he was invited to speak at a conference, then he probably had notes or Powerpoints of his prepared talk. Yet, nothing at all is mentioned.

It could all, of course, be "coincidental" and his death may simply have been the result of some bizarre and bloodthirsty cult simply taking advantage of a victim. Nothing to see here, move along.

But I highly doubt it. After all, according to the New York Post version of the story, Spiers also was receiving death threats, and claiming to have been the product of a "super-soldier" project, and was about to expose the "elite's" interest in and practice of black magic. So perhaps that UFO-magic-finance-politics-entertainment connection of possibility number three isn't so far-fetched.

See you on the flip side...