1. I predict Soros will someday lose his sense of direction and wander into Russian territory.

    1. I’m not so sure the Russians will wait that long. One can only hope they do the world a favor and quietly give him a case of lead poisoning.

      1. They could also offer his pilot a reward/bounty to divert his plane to fly to a isolated airstrip under cover of a mechanical failure and Soros will never again be seen in public.

  2. The real problem is a new ice age not global warming. Is George Soros and his ilk so greedy, stupid and addicted to control-slavery that they dream-think that the rest of us are going to take their money. If they just quietly enjoyed their ill gotten gains we couldn’t care less what they do with themselves leave us alone you stupid control freaks.

  3. Why am I so (not) shocked. There is that “camel and eye of a needle thing” soon to be tested at the, oh so close, to the end of his “lordship”. Karma is a fickle, female dog.

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