1. Blast from the Past! I read Neil Howe and William Strauss’ “The Fourth Turning” when it first came out (1997). Twice. And, I still have it somewhere. While the book was used to further conservative agendas, I have always felt that there is a Truth in it…

    At its core, the book postulates that there is a repeating cycle of four generations – two primary ‘opposing’ generations, in which physical values and spiritual values hit a peak, and two ‘intermediate’ generations coming-off of the respective peaks. There could easily be substance to this, as each polarity ‘corrects’ the deficiencies of the other. Recommended reading.

    As regards the article, Howe and Strauss are careful to stress that ‘timing’ in these cycles is vague. Using 2020 as a ‘hard-point’ is unwarranted. However, there are definite Fourth Turning ‘pressures’ which can be milked and manipulated. That may be why there is such unrest due to the physical state of the US, and a rising-pressure to correct those physical shortcomings. The Donald is using this as a wedge, while Ms Hill is ignoring it…

    On the article’s topic, one has to take a look at the wider picture to ascertain the Real Players. Who benefits, if the (non-Israeli) Middle East region goes up in flames? Who benefits, if the (non-Israeli) Middle East region takes generations to climb back up into functioning nation-states? Figure that out (easy), and you have the web-string-pullers. Then, you have to decide how to spread the spider poison…

    1. Also, Howe and Strauss suggest that we may be seeing something new: The upcoming cycles may be the first time that we see substantial ‘holdovers’ from the previous cycle.

      In past cycles, most fifth-generation-back have died-off before the newest appeared. Now, these ‘holdovers’ may be able to influence the upcoming generation. (Unfortunate, in some cases. Look at David Rockefeller and Shrub, Senior.)

      (It is interesting that four of David Rockefeller’s replacement hearts have rejected HIM…)

  2. I presume this is a conservative website but a intelligent and not stupid one. Just because your conservative does not make you a blood thirsty war monger self preservation of you, your family and community keeps you well grounded.

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