October 9, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now this is interesting, because I recently blogged (yesterday in fact) about the Demoratic National Committee hacks, and mentioned that there didn't seem to be any evidence for its claim that Russia was behind the hack. Of course, when I blog, I do so weekly, pre-scheduling blogs, so that blog was actually written two weeks ago.But now, thanks to a CNBC Twitter tweet that Mr. A.S. found and brought to my attention, the "evidence" is now there:

You'll note that this is now " a joint statement from the department of homeland security and the "office of the director of national intelligence on election security." Then follows assertions that election security is being compromised by scans from  servers "operated by a Russian company," and then provide no evidence. It then goes on to state that the US election system would be "extremely difficult for someone, including a nation-state actor, to alter actual ballot counts" because of the de-centralized nature of the US election system.  And of course all of this are "consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts" which, of course, have happened all over Europe and Eurasia. Of course, those "methods and motivations" which all of these alleged hacks are "consistent with" go completely unstated.

This whole tweet, in my opinion, is so ridiculous on almost every level I don't know where to begin. In an age were public cynicism is so low, one would have thought that the Reichsicherheitdienst would at least provide some evidence for their assertions. But there is, in fact, absolutely nothing here but assertion, which, frankly, I do not believe.


The "answer" to that question brings me to my high octane speculation of the day. When I first heard these claims coming from the Demoratic National Committee after the revelation of emails indicating that the "fix was in" against self-confessed socialist Senator Sanders, I was extremely skeptical. There was little reason for Russia to be involved in such activity, and any exposure of it by the USA could cement in many people's minds the carefully driven US media meme that Russia is the epicenter of All That Is Evil In The World and that Mr. Putin is the Criminal Genius Behind It. But since then, my position has changed somewhat, and largely do to the "War WIth Russia" hysteria and lunacy we've seen coming from the neo-con madmen in the District of Corruption who back the campaign of the newest Sith Lord.  The rhetoric has reached such epic levels that Russia recently held nuclear war exercises that included the movement of almost 40,000,000 people in Russia to the evacuation points for underground shelters. The Russian government is warning of immanent nuclear war. And all of it while the USSA has been the country fostering radical Islamic terrorism and all its associated crimes against Muslims, Christians, and just about anyone else that gets in its way, destablized the Middle East from Libya to Iraq, and to drive neo-Nazis into power in the Ukraine. With the world dangerously close to catastrophe because of the insanity of the neo-cons in the Demoratic party and their supporters in the Relublithug party (think only of King George's endorsement of Darthillary, revealing for all to see what that family stands for and supports), I now have no difficulty that Russia would attempt to influence the outcome of the USSA's election. After all, survival and civilization might depend on it. If it takes Russia to save us from ourselves and the evil neo-con globaloneyist cabal now ruling the country, I'd day, "go for it Vlad, and good luck and God bless." And I'm not joking either, for increasingly I find myself praying for the Russian President's protection and guidance, for clearly our own "leaders" are without any rational or moral compass.

My problem is on the other end of the story. If there was conclusive evidence, it should be presented. But I strongly suspect that there isn't, and that again, the whole story about hacking activity might simply be contrived to rationalize the recent decision to place the entire election under "federal oversight" (meaning pro neo-con pro-globaloneyist and largely pro-Demoratic control). Even if not, and if the story is real, where's the evidence? Show the detailed proof. This is your chance, prove that the Russians are behind this.

The problem is, no on trusts them not to manufacture the evidence.

The other problem here is that election fraud, which was a joke to Mr. Obama just a few weeks ago, is now tacitly being admitted by the Reichsicherheitdienst in a case of "yes we can have our cake and eat it too." This mutual contradiction runs like a black thread through the tweet: we're concerned about hacking but the system is secure because of its de-centralized nature. And this brings us to the core of the issue. Are cyber-systems secure? Answer: no. Are cyber-clearing and counting systems secure? Answer, no. And do hackers usually lead a hacking trail that leads directly to themselves, i.e., to Russia? Answer, no, not, at least, without several false leads. In other words, voting fraud has been with us in a major war as long as it has been automated by machines. I'm not saying it isn't possible to stuff a paper ballot box or that it didn't exist before the advent of the machines, but the machines make the process much much easier. And now the some of the same  people most likely to commit it to assure the "result" that they want, have stepped in to oversee the process.

So, I'm sorry, I'm not convinced.

See you on the flip side...