FAQs, Comment Moderation, and Hassling JPF

There's a Reason for the FAQ: We ask that Giza Community users please be aware of the FAQ on the site, especially as it pertains to comment moderation. Your answers about how the community works and why are usually there. The reason for an FAQ is that, when we've answered the same question multiple times, and want to give a consistently timely answer, we put it in the FAQ. Chances are, if it seems like there SHOULD be an answer, it's there.

Comment Moderation: if your comment was moderated, please don't send us a request to know why. The algorithms are very complex, and we're not going to be able to tell someone, out of a thousand comments and 10,000 algorithmic calculations, why their particular comment was sent for moderation. Also, comments are a free feature, not a paid one, and no one is *entitled* to comment free of moderation; it's going to happen to everyone once in a while. If you want to understand this better, please look at the FAQ for more details.

Hassling Dr. Farrell: Please be aware also that Dr. Farrell is not the resource for technical support, including complaints about a comment being moderated. Users who persist in inundating Dr. Farrell with complaints and requests for technical support may be suspended from the system until they commit to using proper channels. We've made this announcement before. It's clearly marked on the contact page. There's also a very obvious Support section on the site. If a user ignores this, we will likely ignore their request for help. In any case, your support issue will be handled drastically slower (if at all) by sending it to Dr. Farrell. It is not his job to forward support requests for other people, and he is not a means of avoiding filling out a support ticket. We ask that those needing support use the system as it's intended.

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