November 10, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

This is such a disturbing article I don't know where to begin, nor how to react other than in horror. It has been reported, even in some lamestream media outlets, that several young children are appearing all over the country, with mysterious paralysis symptoms resembling polio:

Mysterious illness suddenly paralyses hundreds of US children and doctors don’t know why

Here's the central issue:

A handful of physicians had seen patients with similar symptoms and asked Dr. Carol Glaser to test them for polio.

“I thought, ‘Well that’s crazy. We don’t have polio here,” said Glaser, then head of the encephalitis and special investigations section at the California Department of Public Health.

Glaser quickly determined the patients weren’t suffering from polio. She also tested for pathogens that can sometimes cause such paralysis, including West Nile virus. All negative.

Then she decided to check for other viruses in the same family as poliovirus, known as enterovirus. And in some of the paralyzed patients, she found a possible culprit: enterovirus D-68.

Enterovirus D-68 was incredibly rare, almost never seen after it was first discovered in 1962 in four California children who had pneumonia. Though a cousin of poliovirus, it was only supposed to cause a runny nose and cough.

Van Haren had never heard of it.

And there's this, further down in the article:

In late summer of 2014, enterovirus D-68 started sending kids struggling to breathe to emergency rooms around the country. News reports called it a rare, cold-causing virus, a danger to children with asthma.

But then an 11-year-old boy in Texas with a seemingly normal fever lost the ability to walk and move his right arm.

A 17-year-old girl in California experienced severe neck pain at her birthday party and ended up in the hospital, paralyzed from the neck down.

In Oregon, a 13-year-old boy’s diaphragm stopped working, so he needed a ventilator to breathe. He was completely paralyzed, able only to wiggle his toes and his right hand.

Whatever was happening to these children was “pretty much, literally, exactly, what polio did,” said Dr. Jean-Baptiste Le Pichon, a child neurologist who treated four such patients in 2014 at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo.

Glaser watched from California as the numbers of paralyzed kids grew. She became horrified that her theory about enterovirus D-68 might be correct.

That October, Van Haren spoke at a national meeting of child neurologists. He asked 300 specialists how many of them had seen these kinds of paralysis cases in the past few months.

“More than half the hands in the room went up,” he recalled.

There's not much here for high octane speculation, but I'm going to advance one anyway: I strongly suspect that the horrid vaccination cocktails many states are now requiring to give infants is at the center of this. These stories remind me of similar stories I heard as a young boy, when there were controversies over the effectiveness of the Salk vs Sabin vaccines for polio. The Salk vaccines, at the time, were strongly suspected of giving some children the disease, and hence many switched to what appeared to be the more effective Sabin vaccine(the oral polio vaccine). Just a few years ago, doctors shied away from the vaccine cocktails now given to infants, for precisely the reason that their young immune systems were not strong enough to fight against the very diseases the vaccines were ostensibly designed to fight. That all changed just a few years ago.

And we all know who was ultimately behind the change: big pharma.

And that leads me to the next disturbing conclusion: how does one harvest the last remaining wealth of the middle class? To borrow the insight of Catherine Austin Fitts and many others, one makes them perpetually sick, with lifelong disabilities that are expensive to treat: an autistic child - and there's another vaccine link that the "establishment medical community" does not want to confront with anything approaching objectivity - costs an average family millions of dollars. And now you can add this new "polio-like" disease to the mix.

How to harvest wealth? Keep people sick. How to keep them sick? Make them sick with shoddy products and forced vaccines. It's the GMO issue all over again, same tactics, same arguments, same mercantilist penetration of government.

Don't get me wrong. I am not one of those "anti-vaccine fundamentalists," who thinks all vaccines are inherently wrong, or unhealthy (take your pick). Think of smallpox or polio here. But there are risks, and increasingly it appears that some of these risks are being deliberately ignored and suppressed both by a complacent medical establishment and big pharma. Eventually, one hopes that these policies, and the corporations, doctors, and government bureaucrats who have created this mess, will be held accountable. But in the meantime, think twice about those mandatory vaccine laws, for where there is no freedom over your own health, there is no freedom at all.

See you on the flip side...