November 4, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Recall yesterday that I blogged about the possibility of their being in existence a secret "MH370 protocol" that might have arisen and been adopted by commercial airliners in the wake of hidden and secret conclusions about the strange disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370. The almost equally strange "emergency landing' of British Airways flight 286 recently has me wondering once again just what the heck has been going on "up there," and with the strange spate of space stories lately, plus the equally strange "space weather" executive order recently signed by Mr. Obama, I cannot help but wonder if all these things are somehow connected. Of course, there's not a shred of evidence connecting British Air Flight 286 to that executive order, nor to Malaysia air flight 370, not a shred, not one whit, nothing, nadda, nichts.

So with that in mind, let's launch ourselves into orbital speculations (critics would say into "cloud cuckoo land") about all of this, for there have been a number of other stories that have been brought to my attention lately, that invite a sort of "Fortean" approach and speculation. Let's begin by recalling that within a week of the disappearance of MH 370, I did an interview with the late Ms. George Ann Hughes of The Byte Show in which I entertained the speculation that the unfortunate aircraft had simply gone "poof", that it had disappeared in some sort of "Bermuda triangle"-like incident. Later, Mr. George Noory and actor Richard Belzer published a book on the incident titled Someone is Hiding Something: What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, in which they also briefly entertain a similar scenario.

This incident caught my attention because I've long been personally interested in the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon, including the strange speculations advanced for it in the 1950s by UFOlogist and astronomer Morris K. Jessup, who speculated that perhaps air above the triangle or water within it was somehow momentarily "solidified" by standing waves and/or other phenomena, including highly anomalous and highly concentrated strong magnetic fields.

With that in mind, this article, shared these past few days by Mr. T.M. caught my eye:

Have scientists just solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

And this article, shared by Mr. V.T. and others:

Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field

What intrigued me about the possibilities represented here is (1) the Bermuda triangle phenomenon is non-constant, i.e., it appears to have occurred only under certain times and conditions. Many times these conditions - where disappearances are reported - occur during periods where there is a strong "mist" over the area, oftentimes described as a light green color, a color familiar to people in the Midwest as a sign of the heavy ionization of the atmosphere that is reported during tornadic storms(thus indicating in their turn that these vorticular storms are primarily electromagnetic, and not thermal, in nature). Heavy ionization would in turn be caused by much higher than normal concentrations of particle bombardment, or even of highly concentrated and strong magnetic fields. Another word for all of this is a "plasma." Under such circumstances, aircraft in the region would experience "technical failures" of their electrical equipment, and their navigation would be severely impaired. Recall in this connection the strange disappearance of Flight 17 during the immediately post-World War Two period in the Bermuda triangle, as the US Navy pilots reported a mist and that their compasses appeared to be malfunctioning, and that they were "lost." Indeed they were lost, and most of the flight's aircraft have not been located to this day... there was no wreckage, no bodies, no nothing, for years after its disappearance. Magnetic storms or particle bombardments could occur under the conditions indicated by the second article detailing the magnetic "portals" that sometimes occurs where the Earth's and Sun's magnetospheres touch. In fact, under certain circumstances, such portals might be technologically induced (CERN or HAARP, anyone?).

The first article raises the stakes here considerably. The hexagonal clouds reported in the region seem to suggest one is indeed looking at hyper-dimensional effects of a very unusual kind, for hexagons are (notwithstanding what the article states), the signatures of two orthorotated tetrahedra around a common axis of rotation. Viewed two dimensionally from the "side", this would result in a "Star of David" figure, and viewed from the top of the rotation, produce a hexagonal signature, a kind of "portal" of sorts. What I am suggesting, in short, is that the two articles might indeed be related, and that Mr. Jessup's hyper-dimensional speculations and explanations of the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon from the 1950s might indeed be something close to the truth, and that this, in turn, when factoring in the stories of disappearing flights or, in one case, of a barge being towed in a mist in the triangle, which barge eventually simply disappeared (if one is to believe the accounts), might give rise to my speculated "MH370 Protocol" for aircraft encountering strong and anomalous electromagnetic phenomena. Indeed, such phenomena could easily produce a kind of hysteria (witness only the increasing panic of the Flight 17 pilots, according to the story), or the sensation of "something in the eyes" as reported for British Airways flight 286, or, indeed, the fact that MH 370, by the current "official narratives" of the event, flew south into the Indian ocean off the western coast of Australia before it crashed (again, according to the official story), or before it simply went "poof".

Given all the other high strangeness of space news recently, while this is indeed high orbital speculation, I don't think it can be entirely excluded. As Mr. Noory and Mr. Belzer noted in the subtitle and title of their book, "someone is hiding something." I am merely suggesting that what they might be hiding is possibly an exotic physics, and possibly an exotic technology based on it.

See you on the flip side...