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  1. Yes enjoy the brake Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming on fast. Rest is needed before getting back to work.

  2. thanks doc. have a good paleo pre turkey day feast and some good long naps and walks.

    please do consider co authoring a work of non-fiction with vomito too.

    1. Zendog .. I second that .. I never thought anyone would make me laugh more than the late great Hunter S. Thompson .. as he and Raoul navigated the scene at the airport .. (from “The Great Shark Hunt”) but some of Vomitos comments take me back to that place .. And that is indeed a very special place for me … Keep ’em coming Vomito … Keep ’em coming .. Cheers guys .. FF

  3. Take comfort in the fact that Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and he has already fulfilled one campaign promise. Soros is hiring anti Trump protesters at up to $35/hour. So, he has brought jobs home to Amerika, as promised, LOL.

    1. And in in other news:
      just when you thought it was safe to support the state again…
      Trump’s front runner for Secretary of Treasury is, one Mr. Steven Mnuchin – (chief fundraiser for his campaign) former decade and half+ vet of the prestigious and always benevolently above-board Golden Slacks (oops, Goldman Sachs).
      But, that’s not so bad…
      Wait, what’s this tidbit here? hidden deep in his bio?
      It says here, ‘after a long career with GS Mnuchin worked for Soros Fund Management… and was a hefty donor to Hillary Clinton.’

      I dunno, fellas… I’m not sure the Donald made a campaign promise to stock his staff with Soros/Clinton acolytes.

      Oh, but I’m surely being too cynical again. These are happy days!
      So, we can overlook it, right?
      I mean, Clinton/Soros connections combined with experience causing financial meltdowns aren’t even really relevant in this case, right?
      Afterall, it’s only the Treasury Dept.

      My, oh my… when will we ever learn?

    2. (FYI – I was trying to tap ‘reply’ to this thread and inadvertently tapped ‘Report’
      That was an error and I did not want to report anything- apologies. Please disregard.

  4. Wonder who Joseph is entertaining ?????
    Well I know it isn’t the tooth fairy, or the Easter bunny, so that leaves about a couple of hundred usual suspects. Anyway as many have said, we’ll be here to keep up the pace in the usual manner, just watch your language folks, no cheap jibes at Killary………..eh who was that woman anyway ??????

  5. Apparently Dr Farrell is on the short list to be Secretary of Education. CA Fitts for Sec of Treasury. Jesse Ventura will head Homeland Security. Alex Jones will be the new Secretary of Propaganda.

  6. Dang… just as the “in moderation” AI nabbed my post.
    Oh well….

    ENJOY, Dr. Farrell! You certainly deserve the time off. We truly appreciate all that you do for us.


  7. Enjoy your time with your company. We will attempt to keep our posts bot friendly in the meantime :).

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