1. yet another tremendous interview from Dr. Farrell!

    I found it curious that the 12/16th “trump” cards in the Tarot deal with a hanged man and a burning tower; anyone else not yet connected the dots?; meaning:

    Trump Tower

    just as an aside: according to a recent article in the newspaper delivered daily in the Alsace, France (written in half French/half German) Donald Trumps’s paternal grandparents came from a small village in the German Palatinate (very near the nothern border of the Alsace) near the German city of Bad Dürkheim (one of the most prominent wine-harvesting areas in Germany)-

    just thought I’d throw these ideas out- am just wondering…

    be well all-

    Larry in Germany

  2. Great interview, deep dive into Nazi connection with current day neocons (can’t capitalize that) knowledgeable interviewer Tim Kelly manages to keep up with Joseph. I got a lot out of this hearing Joseph speak again on the three levels of 911, and harken back to Mohamed Atta’s strange verifiable connection to Bayer and ultimately IG Farben vis a vi his Germany handlers and their connections. Stateless global power still remains out of view by most people on our planet, but in Washington DC we see them operating vocifercously shameless touting themselves as considered head of this Trump agency or that Trump post. A parade of horribles. I get depressed reading Wayne Madsen and Glenn Greenwald searching for different viewpoints and I’m jerked right back to 911, the beginning of the abrogation of our civil liberties and advent of torture, terror and control. Passed from the Nazi Neoncons in Bush’s White House then to Obama who shockingly not only failed in his promise to get rid of most of it, continued with even more secrecy and killings by drones and low and behold we have a Presidential Kill List by our Democratic President who turned out to be owned by the global community sprouting up from the CIA after all. Now Trump takes power and gets this on a silver platter. I could not imagine H. Clinton as President to me that was the same as George Soros. So in Joseph’s interview I really thought about his level discussion, ie. the total destruction of Twin Towers was “over-kill”, and got him thinking that there are “German Fingerprints” everywhere, revealed on 911 (to the second level i.e. Bush). It gets summed up in the sense is we don’t truly know the weapon was, motive for murders is revenge, money or hate at its simplest level. To have 911 pop up days after this election is soul jerking, we are not even close to leaving the Matrix, I think we are captured, but by whom?

    1. Same problem on laptop (Mac/Safari) …. but was able to get good page on iPad … if possible, you might try that. Good luck!

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