In the light of today's blog, Ms. A.S. shared this video, and while I normally do not share videos here, given the importance of the subject and its potential implications, I'm sharing it here for your consideration:


  1. the medical scourge (and source of induced illness for profit) of humanity is vaccines; there is no scientific proof whatsover of the efficacy of vaccines (ceratainly not against viruses- they tend to mutate)- the info is out there- it’s a matter of research-

    be well all-

    Larry in Germany

  2. The accepted (but not public) scientific rationale is quite simple. A few deaths is worth saving populations.
    Hence obfuscated processes and protocols.
    The vaccine courts exist in the US to hear cases of vaccine damaged individuals and again are not public knowledge. This system was enacted after congress passed a bill to stop any and all litigation against drug companies for damage / injury / death caused by their vaccine products.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    This polio vaccine, like others, have been suspect in a number of incidents that are rarely given credit, let alone investigated.

  4. The question here are these vaccines being push only for profit. Or is torture-murder against these poor non white people part of the agenda as well war by other means. Do the degenerates who reign in the West this evil unfortunately I think so.

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