In keeping with today's main blog, this story was shared by Ms. S.H. And of course, as usual, anyone wanting to protect their national and cultural identity, is labeled as "far right". Note also the picture with the sign "Je suis Charlie," (I am Charlie), a reference to the Charlie Hebdo incident. The last time we saw such a disconnect between the people and the political elite in France, was when a few of the latter ended up loosing their heads a little over two hundred years ago. The refusal of the political elite then to listen and genuinely change course, led to massive civil disruption, the Terror, and ultimately, Bonaparte. Eating cake didn't work:

Massive Rally AGAINST Islam In France





  1. Min-Truth is on overdrive in the West= War is Peace-Slavery is Freedom-Ignorance is Strength-Chaos is Order.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    From reading the comments about France; there appears to be no press to inform the public.
    Only a corporate press to achieve an illusion of being informed; ironically, France literally represents
    anywhere on Earth.
    When it comes to information, it looks to be both manufactured and controlled. Only those with a keen savvy eye can parcel some relative truth out of the corporate fodder being fed to their globalized political prisoners; aka, public/consumers.

  3. Living only 300km from Paris and no I did not know!! The disconnect is not news to me. Media in EU is just as sick if not sicker then that of the USA.

  4. I confirm, we didnt see anything about this in local french media.
    We’ve got Tchenorbyl being mentionned.. Fillon, Sarko and Mellenchon..

    Ok, I just showed the news article to a collegue.. His face made that “eew whatta yew talking aboot?” look.
    So.. Nope, nothing, nada, zip.

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