1. Robert Barricklow

    Who appointed these businesses to take treasures and or weapons that effect/affect humanity’s past/present/future?

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Corporate interests repeat & reaffirm the sacred money & markets meme @ every opportunity. They use it as a frame for every news report & political debate. They make their bases in their legal arguments. They teach it in our schools & universities. So long as it carries the day, it defines our future.

  2. Who sez (says) they’re alien? Those could be functioning Break Away bases and or repurposed Atlantean lunar outposts. The possibilities get to be quite long. When you consider the age of structures on the moon. Those are nice pics. But, they could have a lot better resolution. However, anyone who has those higher quality pics risks their health releasing them..

  3. The question is are these artifacts ET or to use a metaphor Atlantis or both. Rumors of the existence of these have been around for decades and have been used in many science fiction stories scenarios. Don’t hold your breath there existence will be revealed anytime soon.

  4. Its probably what remains from when Enki and Marduk went up to the moon to ‘measure’ the solar system.. Then when they came back down, we wonder why the Pyramid has so many analogies to local space. (I dont ‘really’ have to list them here, do I… 8°) Its because the distances were measured!! Angels taking cords to measure the righteousness of the Earth eh? Yeh, finding out what distances needed to be respected..

    Its probably the Ebens making Eden2 (héhéhé)


    1. Thanks, Kahlypso. However one chooses to interpret this it certainly appears clever. This transcript is far too conversational to be a “formal” meeting. It reads more like a screen play for an actor—and Reagan was an actor. (An act staged for our consumption?) It pushes all the right buttons but tells us little that is new, and the emphasis on disinformation suggests this may yet be another piece. While I would not want to prejudice anyone against serious consideration of the content, I am somewhat biased against taking it seriously. That said, thank you again for linking the article. It’s definitely a head scratcher… Your presentation of it is delightful and airy. I love it!

      1. yeh definately ‘suspicious’ with the ‘next level’ balony.. Its the Freeking President you’re talking to.. why would you bother letting him now about the ‘Uber’ Top Secret stuff if you keep breaking his nutz with ‘the next level’ every second question.. 🙂
        But 1 lickle thing jumps out at me. Reagon says.. “We can send a man to Mars…”


        But could always have been written by a hoax. I dont beleive anything anymore.. Unicorns!!! Who would have thought it?

        1. You said: “I don’t believe anything anymore..” I’m tired of being lied to as well. Mark Twain once quipped: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Now I don’t usually go for the colorful adjectives, but this quote was supposedly rehearsed by one of the greatest American writers of literature in the 20th Century. It’s been the official policy by the establishment as soon as the ink was dry on our founding documents. Cheers.

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