1. Trying to get to the end.. Having trouble with the long drawled out voice of Dark Journalist.
    Hats off to the man for tackling the subject matter, please talk more about the subject matter and stop the blockbuster action film annoncer voice.. Or get him on Ancient Aliens to say, Maybe.. What If… Perhaps… (no im sorry, great interview.. his voice keeps kicking me in the head.. but that’s my fault not his..)
    Shiva… I wonder if the Cern scientists are eating and drinking out of a human skull… There is nothing hidden about this symbolism. The meaning of Shiva has been known since 10 000-4000 BCE.. (records are fuzzy..) Nope, Shiva = Destruction of this reality. (According to the Hindus..) Holy Trinity??… Wonder where I’ve seen that before..

  2. A couple of thoughts on the interview:

    On the Shiva statue in front of CERN, the original Hindu cosmology was a trinary one, with Brahma as Creator, Vishnu as Sustainer, and Shiva as Destroyer. To repeat, in the original ‘system’, Shiva was ONLY the Destroyer. It was only when Shiva-ism began to become more dominant in India that its adherents tried to take-over (to appropriate) the other Gods’ roles. Thus, Shiva as Creator AND Destroyer was never a part of the original Hindu cosmology…

    This segues back into the interview with the CERN collider. If Shiva was ONLY the Destroyer – and the planners/funders knew this – then we are looking at very enhanced prospects that the collider is some form of a weapons system. No creation, only destruction. Hidden symbolism at its best.

    Parallel to this, I always wondered about Bill Clinton summarily cancelling the American collider as soon as he got into office. The stated excuse was that the project was over-budget. That was always suspect for me, as many other strategic projects have been funded to completion – come hell or high water. I always felt that Bill had been ‘leaned-on’ or had made a deal to shut-it-down to get into office. (Bilderbergers?)

    Something never felt right about that sudden shutdown. It was a strategic decision, all right. But probably not for the stated reasons…

    1. Goshawks, you and I sometimes channel each others thoughts along similar lines. Every time I hear CERN mentioned I wonder why the American version was really cancelled. I agree there is a deeper story here and Clinton was tapped to end this particular “experiment” for a covert reason. I remained convinced the Deep State is deeply fractured and both sides may have chosen to discontinue it for reasons all their own. (There was very little debate about it, really.) The missing trillions went somewhere–including research and development projects that are deeply black. Where ever it went it was not spent on a public collider experiment.

  3. What you described in this interview sounds like a cross between the project from the Krell from Forbidden Planet and the Stargate,tv movies and tv series. With the Howard The Duck movie parallel universe scenario and the mid sixties movie A Crack In The Earth all mixed together.

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