December 18, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

A few days ago I blogged about "transmissible vaccines" as the latest gimmick being proposed by various people as a means of "bypassing" opposition to them. The idea is to make the vaccine as transmissible as ordinary diseases. If someone sneezes, for example, one not only gets a disease, but a vaccination... whether one wants to or not.

Well, now the Pentagon wants to vaccinate people against (drum roll please), terrorism. The idea? identify the gene that is associated with "religious fundamentalism" and then vaccinate people against it, to modify their potentially aggressive behavior! Check our this short article shared by Mr. C.S.:

Video: Pentagon Launches Terrorist Vaccine

The article comes with a short video, supposedly from the Pentagon. Sure enough, when one watches the short video, there are DOD time stamps and even a room number where this briefing supposedly took place in the Pentagon. Now, of course, videos can be forged, and I have no idea whether or not this video is genuine or not. But let's assume for the sake of argument it is. And it's not much of an assumption, after all, DARPA(The Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency, as we like to call it here, following a suggestion of Mr. J.B.) is up to its earlobes proposing and presumably researching all sorts of crazy stuff, from universal vaccines, to age prolongation, sleep deprivation (via its study of how dolphins sleep) so that they can create "super soldiers" that don't need much sleep, cyborg-human enhancement... well, you get the idea. So why not weaponize vaccines and turn your friendly local fanatical terrorist into a mind-numbed happy camper singing Kumbaya?  Add in the idea of transmissible vaccines, a few airplanes borrowed from the secret spraying program, and one could vaccinate the whole Middle East by secretly spraying it and the Pentagon could have the whole region bedded down nice and comfy on magic carpets for its afternoon nappie.

No one, of course, thinks of how turning an entire population of the globe into pleasant zombies might not be such a good thing. For example: again, assuming this article and video are true, one could go further: what might the "blowback" be, after (presumably) the Pentagon conducts its "environmental impact"  studies, which we may assume will be about as "independent" as all those corporate studies of the safety of GMOs, and (yes) vaccines. After assuring everyone that the anti-terrorism vaccine is entirely safe, and won't turn the target population of the world into one vast autism patient, they could proceed. But a genetic expression for a tendency for "terrorism" and "religious fundamentalism" is probably not any great respecter of cultures or specific religions, and by targeting a seat of passion, one might also be targeting a seat of artistic or scientific expression and creativity. One might be erasing a seat of passion that expresses itself in other ways. Indeed, that may be the point: why not just get rid of "fundamentalism" of any sort, atheistic, religious or otherwise: "Don't worry, be happy..."

In short, what is being proposed is a mind control vaccine, one capable perhaps of mutating far beyond the original purposes of its designers (assuming, again and for the sake of argument, that there are actually people seriously dreaming up such nonsense, and having watched DARPA on this website for a number of years, I for one have no doubt that there are). Beyond the ever present danger of targeting humans named Ahmed or Mohammed or Nayeff, who may carry the gene but have absolutely no proclivities for violence, that scheme could backfire even further by targeting Isaac, Moshe, or Johnny and Suzie(who may also carry it, and have no proclivities for violence - gene or no gene- either). That, I suspect, is what this is really all about, and not just terrorism. With enough "science" and "money," one might vaccinate against all manner of human thought and expression, and turn the planet into a hopeless basket case of imbecility and docility, void of any intellectual or emotional passion.  Throw in a little American-style edgykayshun system and throw in some standardized tests for good measure, and require everyone be vaccinated (or just spray the stuff in the school's ventilation system), and voila, everyone is "pleasant and agreeable"; stupid to be sure, but at least, "pleasant and agreeable."

And of course, there's one final little thing about this article that disturbs, and that's the idea of genetic modification of any sort being accomplished without someone's knowledge or consent, via a vaccine. Throw in "transmissible vaccines" and you have, perhaps, the way things were before Noah, and it seems to me I remember a certain warning about all that...

See you on the flip side...