While most eyes are turned to Washington and the impending inauguration of Donald Trump as the next President of the USA, there has been another geopolitical earthquake (well, in fact, several). This one is in the Middle East, but portends even bigger developments:

Turkey fights alongside Russia and Iran – unthinkable a short while ago



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  1. Sounds familiar, mean the NGOs. They have a strong position here, in Czech republic. The state TV channel is always swarming with human crap like these, alongside with corrupted politics, people tied to local oligarchs, or the Bilderberg guy, Karel Schwarzenberg . One of the oligarchs is minister of finance himself (but his business is agriculture). Man, even the ukrainians were not so ignorant that they would vote for a political party created and run by some oligarch.
    *Czech* NGO banned from Donbass (english subs seems to be working reasonably well):

  2. “Essentially the great question remains: who will hold Constantinople?”- Napoleon Bonaparte

    is it any different nowadays?- any wonder why Russia has wooed Turkey into its sphere?- whoever controlls the Bosporus/Dardanelles Straights probably has an upper hand in controlling Europe, most certainly the nations directly influenced by the Med;

    as for Saudi Arabia: if my read sources are correct the House of Saud is Jewish, not Moslem, which, if true, explains a lot: with which Moslem country does Israel seem to have the least problems?-

    Larry in Germany

  3. Robert Barricklow

    As many readers/writers as there are here; there are as many frames of reference into which to view this News & Views. My frame/The main aim of the political economy for the past three centuries has been to recover the flow of privatized land & natural resource rent that the Medieval Kings had lost. The banks today are recapturing the rentier real estate by democratizing real estate on credit. The financial sector’s aim is NOT to minimize the cost of[F-35] roads, electric power, transportation, communication, water, education, defense etc; But to Maximize what can be charged as Monopoly rent

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Enter The Dragon…
      The TRICS are not wanting to be part of this tyrannical ruling elite[Brazil still under thumb of U.S. foreign policy’s/Might Makes Right Coup]. The are standing against by developing an alternative; yet, parallel economy; a military divorced from the West’s monopoly on force; a Nation State that versus the Corporate Fascist Cartel; a more humanized approach that builds, rather than destroys.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Hopefully, this will evolve into an opening of the commons; rather than that the West’s complete shutdown of the public. Perhaps the TRIC will be to have an economy based on living wealth/living Earth; rather than the West’s phantom wealth/Earth as a dead rock to be exploited.

  4. Hi, I’m REALLY confused as to what the heck Turkey is.. What they are doing.. And What the heck?? (again…)
    I’ve broken the links otherwise the forum will start dividing by zero with this many links in one post.. Just remove the space in the https to make the link work.

    01/11/2013 – h ttp://

    19/02/2015 – h ttps://

    06/05/2015 – h ttp://

    24/11/2015 – h ttps://

    24/11/2015 – TURKEY SHOOTS DOWN THE SU-24 BOMBER on the 24 November…on the same day it decides to come back under NATO..
    What did he have to prove that he was part of the band again..Doesnt seem like NAto was welcoming Turkey back with its dead mouse in its jaws…
    h ttp://

    15/06/2016 – Turkish Coup d’Etat… Which fails miserably.. I’d say that its since this date that Turkey abandons its efforts and pretensions to joining the EEC
    27/06/2016 – h ttps://

    22/11/2016 – h ttp:// 19/12/2016
    (MK Ultra at it’s finest??)
    I’d say that this was Moussad trying to break the SU400 deal….

    Check out this internet tool..

    Click anywhere on Turkey to see what a 400 mile radius looks like..Try clicking on Cyprus for example and Woooo look at Isreal painted from North to South..
    Be able to blow up those pesky ‘artisan rockets’ coming from Palestine..

  5. If Russia is giving this to Turkey then it must be obsolete. The Middle East can very swiftly forget their differences and unite in Jihad against the rest of the world if they ever get a hold of the tech and training to make them even. They have the numbers and wealth but lack the weapons and training. Of course once they conquer and convert the planet the different sects will begin to fight each other again. Jesus said when he returned it would be as a sword. The Muslims claim to be the sword of Allah. The way the west destroyed family unity and values with their version of women’s liberation and gender identity attacks I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t be better off in the long run under Islam.

  6. Go on youtube to watch the video Kathy. So Turkey turning to Russia well they are neighbors and Russia makes things that work rather than overpriced junk. You don’t want a epic fail especially on the field of battle. The rollercoaster of history continues what surprises await us this year hold on to hats everyone.

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