Take this for what it's worth: the BIlderberger website has apparently been hacked by Anonymous:



  1. anyone remember when alex jones snuck into bohemian grove and revealed the cross dressing and frolicking in front of the owl? what a journalist, eh?

    darth journalist.

    what’s up with that background music he’s always running? isn’t that from star wars too?

    1. joe rogan’s got some stories about partying with alex jones. he’s trying to get lee camp to join them for a fun night out some time.

  2. From what I’ve read about the BIlderberg ‘makeup’, there are the plentiful Useful Idiots who are the exterior movers-and-shakers and a small, secretive inner-circle who issue the marching-orders to the outer ranks. The usual Pyramidal Hierarchy.

    Even if one hacked the Bilderberg website, one would only be ‘counting coup’. (Good for you.) There would be no posted-info on the ‘orders’ issued by the inner-circle (unless in code words)…

    1. Aboard the “Akagi” bridge, an officer reads to Admiral Nagumo a message passed down from the radio room:
      “From Commander-in-Chief, Combined Fleet to Commander, Third Fleet: Climb Mount Niitaka, 1208.”
      (Code-confirmation of the go-ahead for the Pearl Harbor attack from headquarters.)

      Commander Mitsuo Fuchida to “Akagi”: “Tora! Tora! Tora!”
      (Code-confirmation to the admirals that the attack had been a total surprise to the Americans.)

  3. I used to follow Infowars until I figured out he is most likely controlled opposition. Haven’t visited his site since. For the more important issues and events, he pretty much toes the MSM line lately. I never cared for his “style” of rabid reporting.
    There are also certain “topics” he simply will not touch upon, another indicator of

    1. Robert Barricklow

      I’ve always suspected their organization: 1) distribution that grew exponentially[granted there was a HUGE unfulfilled market] 2) funding that spoke of deep pockets 3) access to info/people that speaks: connections. I figured the Rottenchilds; who also are funding the intercept.com, a vehicle for Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, & Matt Taibbi. [Pierre Ohidyar/e-bay is in the mix as well.] These platform monopolies are highly suspect in my mind’s eye as they are monopolies that are swallowing up competitors and stifling innovatioin. All about control. And information is the key to keep it; or unwind it.

      Matt Taibbi bowed out. He’s not talking much beyond manage disputes. But I suspect he smelled something Rotten[see above].

  4. Infowars is now looking like the The Onion as a real news website it’s a madhouse on the internet. What is fake news and what really a fake news site anyway.

    1. Fake news = lies and propoganda? Who’s sprouting lies and propoganda?

      Fake news = new buzz word to confond and confuse and confuddle the real issues..

      Fake news = keep repeating lies until it becomes truth.. (like hacking an election for example)…..(or they did do it and got away with it.. until proof is shown)

  5. “Hacked” the new meme boogyman of 2017.
    Probably a lot coupled with these words too “Russia, China” and every other fiend that shows up at US doorstep. To be copied sure by the EU elites that can’t navigate without proper software delivered from the US.

    1. In a word: NO. The list of members of the Council are all conservatives whereas the list of probable Bilderberger oligarchs are about power and world control which spans the political spectrum.

    2. I’m surprised to see the CNP mentioned here (or anywhere). I wonder what brought about your question, and where did you hear of the group? I’ve been following a researcher named Josh Reeves who created a pair of films on the CNP called The Secret Right, volumes I and II. He had a lot to do with making the group known (to the extent it is, anyway). His conclusion is basically that it’s a creation of the same power elite behind groups like the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs.

  6. Sounds like a controlled release of information, surely no semi-secret society is so stupid as to run a website and expect no untoward consequences?

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