1. Robert Barricklow

    An organization whose public persona
    is as easily penetrated a Swiss cheese.

    Public in name only.

  2. NASA is the laughing stock of the world. I doesn’t matter what they say, it’s all about a giant cover up. I don’t even know why they are still putting out press releases. Hoagland’s Dark Mission was the nail in the coffin for me, and that still goes on today, so why bother ???????????

  3. (Is this) Another indicator that the breakaway civilization, the one with all the toys, hegemony and assets, was hoisting its middle finger to the public space program and the government it represents, daring them to let it’s peoples know of its presence? As usual the sound of that agency’s silent denial is deafening.

    While we’re at it, I still hear questions about when will disclosure happen. With the new Trump Administration I am sure we will hear a veritable cacophony of new calls for disclosure and predictions of its release. How can any government admit disclosure when to do so would require them to explain the ascent of the breakaway civilization–and their inability to stop it? By now where THAT rabbit hole leads is tough to tell–but it must go deep. $51,000,000,000,000 has disappeared from our ledgers in assets–and not a single dollar available for social security, welfare and infrastructure. Instead we need more bodies and cheaper slave labor to compete for the economic crumbs left after the plunder subsides.

    1. very just comments OC. How many Hospitals and Schools could have been built for the price of one of… whatever that thing was.

  4. I t’s either the Earth-Moon is the universe or there are other stars with planets orbiting them. And they have access to interstellar propulsion which story will be going with NASA it’s up to you.

  5. I studied at Wolverhampton.. Didnt see any Aliens there..
    All I can think to say here is.. Na(Z)a doing as Na(Z)a does.
    But nothing to see here.. carry on.. Weather balloons.. Swamp Gas. Its reflected light from the sun..

  6. Not long ago there was a report that NASA was going to suspend the live feeds permanently from sometime this year – did anybody else see that?

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