3 thoughts on “TIDBIT: TRUMP TO PUTIN: WAY TO GO!”

  1. Robert Barricklow

    I guess we now know whose wearing the white hats and black hats. Who stands tall and who slinks, slithers & speaks with a fork tongue. Rather stark in it’s boldness and childishness. Thank God Trump took out the black hats
    [so far].

  2. True colors could not be more brought to the forefront to shine as bright as the sun. The man “Obama” should be ashamed of himself. The whole Western world should crawl under a rock and rethink its reason of existence. It can’t be that hard to come up with more than mayhem, murder and pillaging everything in sight and erecting multitudes of VIPs vampires to worship.

  3. Trump like Putin is behaving like a adult which is why I am not crying in my milk like Neo-Confederate Clinton and her supporters.

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