Mr. B.G. found this intriguing (and very short) YouTube video on those fake Thai bonds seized, totaling over $24 billion, and with the now customary meme of bonds clearly marked as Federal Reserve Bonds, employing US currency (in this case the one thousand dollar bill) as the "template' for a one million dollar bond. And note... peculiarly Deutsche Bank is prominently displayed...


And there's this story from 2001:

Fake bonds seized in Thai treasure scam


    1. Having handled similar notes and heard the stories behind them, I believe that the bonds are real – at least in the sense that they were issued by the US government sometime during or after the Second World War. The verifiable bonds come in walnut wood boxes with a plaque on the lid made of gold and overprinted with black ink. There is a message certifying the authenticity engraved on the plaque. The boxes (at least the ones with $100,000 notes) have a notional value of $3.2 million. Each note is individually sleeved in plastic and they are arranged in numerical order of serial numbers. The notes are yellow with a red Treasury seal, but are otherwise identical in size and design elements to the US$1 bill. There are quite a few of these boxes floating around SEAsia, especially the Philippines and Indonesia, where they were given as “receipts” for real gold, with the promise that they could be redeemed after 10 years for mint gold coins; however, you see what happens when anyone tries to redeem them. There is a fairly large underground market trying to unload these bonds, usually at a discount to face value, with the unsuspecting buyers thinking they can redeem them for real gold, as stated clearly on the notes. In some cases, they are used as collateral on loans, with the owner vanishing with the cash and leaving the lender holding a box of toxic paper.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Will the real fake bond story be stand up.
        Well, they’re still sitting.
        Still, this is another good one,.
        Real, or Not Real?To Tell The Truth?
        Stayed tuned….

  1. You only have to read Federal Reserve on the notes to realize something is not right. The Federal Reserve is the worlds centerpiece of shady deals, no wonder their name is on the notes. Lets see what Mr. Trump is going to do with the Fed, he had better be careful, the Fed is owned by some pretty serious people.

    1. “Lets see what Mr. Trump is going to do with the Fed…”

      That will actually be the ‘tell’ as to whether he is a ‘useful idiot’ or a do-gooder…

      1. nah. he could kill the good with the perfect by reforming the fed and closing down the old system to bring in the new system. oh my a cashless centralized purely electronic system. whodathunk?

      2. bsides, who in the fed (and outside the fed and of the fed) doesn’t want it shut down the day before it completely breaks down? no matter what the main thing is to obscure the most obvious truths.

        kinda like how the printing press reformed the vatican right?

          1. Robert Barricklow

            Although the best use would be to turn it into a public servant away from serving the few.

  2. I just wonder if these bonds are real and as the Doc has suggested are part of the underground financial world. Just maybe that world governments are cracking down on this hidden financial network and it is having its backing pulled by them declaring that they are all fake when the reality is otherwise!

  3. The mark of the Beast you can smell the brimstone. You are truly doing the Devil work against the holy empire that is Amerika.

    1. You took the keys straight from under my fingertips, DanaThomas. I’m wondering if “fake” has become the new untermensch, as in, “he’s so fake…”. This seems to be something right up the progressives’ alley, labelling opponents as “fake”. Sounds like an episode of Oprah or Maury Povich. Is belittling, imprisoning, or even killing someone labeled as “fake” a crime? Can being “fake” make one immaterial? A nonentity?

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