Fine Art Connoisseur

Fine Art Connoisseur (and Fine Art at Giza)

If you're a Member who loved the Fine Art & High Culture video dialogue, this is for you. Not really an endorsement, but the magazine Fine Art Connoisseur has taken a pretty clear stand against the excesses of modern(ist) art. The problem they tackle is, if a big rock or a smudge on a wall is given the same credence/place as a Rembrandt, how does anyone know what's good anymore? The magazine bolsters the representational and realist art traditions by curating contemporary art that comes out of traditional aesthetics, and explaining why it's good. The editor and publisher are staunch protectors of artists working along traditional lines, without restricting them to a lazy traditionalism that only repeats or copies what has been done before. The magazine is not very costly for an annual subscription (under $40). More info is here:

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  1. Excellent recommendation, Daniel. The magazine is a splendid one. Also, many thanks for the reminder of the Fine Art & High Culture Dialogue — outstanding!

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