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Is Your Email Current?

We're currently running an audit of Giza memberships, and if your email bounces or is non-working, we're unable to ask you about discrepancies on your account. Keep in mind, too, that if you contact support from a non-working/expired e-mail address, we cannot reply. If you've filed a support ticket and gotten no response, it is likely because the e-mail is bouncing when we attempt a reply. We need your real, current, legitimate email that you monitor and use to receive incoming mail.


Giza Support

1 thought on “Is Your Email Current?”

  1. Same e-mail as always. I am still waiting to sell that piece of land so I can donate to you for your organ etc… I will be happy to collaborate in maintaining your site in sight… with your insights… some of which baffle me a bit, for sure!!

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