February 6, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

Every now and then an article comes my way that is so horrifying and nauseating that I have to comment about it, and speculate upon it. This is one of those cases. In contemplating the refugee/immigration crisis in Europe, I've often entertained the high octane speculative scenario that these people were being used as simple pawns in a massive game with several objectives. I have no doubt that many criminals and even more sinister elements exist among them, and that one express purpose of the whole exercise of "crisis management" was to drive instability and a cultural crisis in a European Union that has no "European" culture. The European Union is, rather, an unelected bureaucracy to which a multitude of cultures - Spanish, Italian, Greek, and so on - are subservient. It commands no cultural loyalty because it lacks one. How to create it? Import thousands of people from poverty stricken, war torn areas from a culture whose ideology is militantly antithetical to each of the three common pillars upon which our western civilization is based, those pillars being - as I've summarized before, and putting it very simplistically - Judaism, with its idea of covenant and contract, Christianity with its central doctrines of the Trinity and its massive social consequences - the grounding in the individual Person and the ability to have real Oneness in a multitude of persons - and the Incarnation of Supreme reason and harmony - Logos and ratio - in human form, in thought, in body, and all its products: art, language, culture, grounding the third component: humanism, and the freedom to critique and criticize the other two. When western culture and societies over emphasize any one of these three, problems have always resulted: the Inquisition, or, now, a radical progressivist left, every bit as inquisitional as the mediaeval one and advocating things every bit as barbaric. And few want to remember the first component in a positive way, but neglecting covenant and the virtue and personal responsibility on which it is grounded, has led to a two-track society: one of laws, and one above the laws.

But put the shoe on the other foot for a moment: imagine having your homes bombed, your countries invaded, your people droned, and on top of it all, your more moderate or secular governments overthrown by the very Western globaloneyists who value no culture(especially their own), but only power and violence, and so you flee...

... to this:

Women, Children Refugees in Europe 'Starting to Go Missing'

While many might be predisposed to dismiss anything appearing in Sputnik as just "more Russian propaganda," consider the fact that it is at least willing to mention, with no apology and no spin, that many of these poor people have fallen victim to human trafficking rings, some run by the very terrorist organizations the west is ostensibly "fighting," in order to fund their operations. Trafficking is trafficking: it's slavery, whether for sex, servitude or other even blacker forms of abuse.

High octane speculation is our trademark here, and I cannot help but wonder - though it grieves me even to think that there could be such evil people who would do such evil things to their fellow human beings - not only how deep this goes, but if trafficking is the only thing going on. Respecting the question of how deep it goes, there is a substantial body of research that indicates western intelligence agencies' support - from founding to training and equipping - the very terrorist organizations engaged in the trafficking. And that means these networks are truly global in extent, as I've always suspected, and as I've stated on some occasions. During the last American election cycle, scandals of this nature erupted, and they've been erupting in recent years with a disquieting regularity, from the Franklin scandal to the Saville scandal and beyond.

And sadly, I cannot help but wonder also, with all these unfortunate missing people, if we are looking at another type of human trafficking: human organ harvesting. It has, after all, been going on in China for some time. This truly evil and disgusting practice could easily be made to go hand in hand with the other great evil that seems always to follow these stories, namely, ritual abuse in "magical workings." Who will miss a poor boy or girl from Syria taken into these rings, or weep or pray for them?

So, while many might dismiss Sputnik's article here, those who have researched or investigated such demonic rings and events - again, the Franklin scandal, for example - know that the article probably is, sadly, and tragically, correct. One can only hope that someone, somewhere, with the resources and moral fiber to investigate these rings and fully expose them and the people of power behind them who make them possible, will expose it all, and put an absolute and utter end to it.

... which brings me to the final component of my high octane speculation. If one has been following Russian news sources lately, one notices a pattern: first a story, here and there, focusing on an issue such as this, then the story intensifies from a drip to a trickle, more is revealed. Then Russia talks about making some policy based on the issue. Then it makes that policy, and the issue becomes public in a detailed way.

Thus, this might be a subtle signal to those high and mighty who enable, support, and engage in such hideous networks, that they are being watched... closely, and carefully, and that western intelligence agencies are not the only ones with "control files", and that those files and stories can always be leaked, in much more detail...

And if the Russians do have some of those details, and if they think they can reveal them without compromising their intelligence networks and how they acquired those details, then I suspect, and suspect strongly, that they will do so.

One can only hope so.

See you on the flip side...

(My thanks to Mr. V.T. for sharing this article)