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Dead Russian diplomats: others are noticing the pattern now:


15 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM FEB 23, 2017”

  1. Interesting gosh.. thatd constitute a vote 4 putin being a genuine thorn in rottenchilds side instead of some kinda limited hangout.

        1. Is there a parallel here? How much longer do we get to talk in such detail and at such length about the fascists who would shut down the werld like so much of a dirty war in s amerika?

  2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” My comment was solely on the chauffeur ‘hit’. Interesting…
    goshawks – February 25, 2017 at 4:37 am.

  3. Dr. Farrell, thank you for at least including the chauffeur (Putin’s favorite driver) in the list of possible ‘offings’. Unlike you, I am virtually certain that the incident was an electronic take-over of that vehicle. It was guided, like a missile, to exactly where the ‘drone pilot’ wanted it to be – into a head-on collision. If you wish to come up to speed on the capabilities of electronic take-over, I suggest several articles over at – you may have to dig a little.

    Mercedes (the maker of the chauffeur’s vehicle) has been known to be among the most advanced in substituting electronic steering/braking/engine-control for the old, tried-and-true hydraulic & mechanical systems. I suggest that this is why Putin has announced that in the future he will be riding in Russian-made vehicles – probably non-electronically ‘sophisticated’.

    I also suspect that this crash was not intended to take-out a lowly chauffeur as a we-can-get-to-you signal. That would be throwing-away a very important, use-only-once ‘card’. I suspect that “a” Putin was in that vehicle with the chauffeur. A body double, presumably. I also suspect that “that” Putin also died in the crash.

    (Since Putin has seen himself as at a high-risk for assassination after saying “No” to the PTB several times, I suspect that ANY public appearance is by a body double. The PTB may have gotten some intel – maybe ‘planted’ intel – that the Putin in the chauffeur’s vehicle stood a high chance of being the real one…)

  4. So do we now see some “old school” KGB payback? Some R & Rs winding up dead? Might not get the correct ones but it would sure send a chill down the spine of a lot of people.

    Anyone who wants to mess with the Russians needs to ask Hezbollah how kidnapping 4 Russian diplomats in the mid 80s worked out?

    What was the old KGB motto? “Better to kill 10 innocent than let 1 guilty get away” or something like that.

  5. Doc, you mentioned that the death of Putin’s driver may have been an actual accident and that traffic in Moscow is bad and,….. Gotta call bs (beagle snot) on that one Doc. I remember that video and watching it a few times from different angles. That was one heck of a crash and incredibly unlikely unless incredibly well controlled. The odds of that impact happening at all were amazingly low. Let alone that impact happening to Putin’s driver. I’ll wager the odds of that happening randomly are lower than the random occurence of two presidential candidates coming from the same school in the same frat in the same……

  6. These overgrown children are playing with fire and don’t care about the consequences of their actions. They think the rest of the world are all trusting fools and toys they can play with and destroy without any blowback. Russia, China, Iran have been around a very long time and like Howard Beale are mad as hell and are not going to take this guff anymore.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Almost as if they’re egging on the Russians.
    These are strategic strikes, well positioned politically/economically.
    Is there an inside mole?
    Both Russia & the U.S. have competing factions fighting for power within.
    Russia may already know whose who; but is waiting to either catch them in the act or…?

    1. Robert Barricklow

      In scenario one[catching them in the act];
      the Russians could walk the cat back, on-camera, for a globalized audience in a number of prior killings –
      with the real perps.

      1. rb, how much humint does it take to know which of putin’s boys are being the most honest? or to figure out how and when to apply the desired advanced tech to make one or many such figures not too eventually (but still not all at once) have a bad day?

      2. U n doc n others do bring up a good pt tho. Putin et al were admirable in their quiet after the russian fighter was downed. N the rusk airliner n the rusk military band. Hey. More than a few patterns here. Still i figure 2 c somethin impressive outta putin that ellicits some sea change that awes even demoniacs like killery, condi rice, nuland, boland…. u know… all the dc nazis. Maybe assad n erdogan get 2 meet in ukraine with a newly elected ukrainian pm?

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