1. Slightly off topic, but pertaining to Germany. I swore I heard about Germany or German companies had bought vast amounts of land in Africa. Does anyone recall any more data on that? I believe it was for testing vehicles and weapons.

  2. How else are you going to mow down an uprising of civil unrest? Can’t happen? Look at todays US civil unrest. Better be prepared than caught off guard.

  3. As one very involved with refugees, if they knew that they come here as Big Pharma experiments, and the kids they bring and make here, once resettled in the US and inoculated, will be canon fodder for the US in exchange for “an education”, they’d think twice.
    They can’t: USA, Germany, France as the promised land was sold to them by the Geneva Convention and the UNHRC.
    They bought it, line, hook and sinker. http://www.unhcr.org/en-us
    And they believe the lie even when they realize it was a lie. What’s the alternative?

  4. Didn’t the Roman Empire try this and to paraphrase Stephen Hawkins it didn’t end well. All birds of a feather flock together the barbarian German elites welcome the barbarian Islamists as their muscle to enslave the World.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Just add cannon fodder
    and voila.
    And as Roger pointed out, they’re great as domestic soldiers carrying out unpopular actions against local citizens.

  6. Giving Jihadist military training is a bad idea. Giving them training and then using them against those countries that try to break away from the EU’ or who aren’t quite so subservient to Germany’s total authority over the rest of the EU is classic German thinking that won’t end well for them. It’s easier to get foreigners to enforce tyranny on your future subjects then it is to get their neighbors and children to do it.

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