1. Robert Barricklow

    State control of every move you make; everything you do; and to confiscate your wealth[Cypress].
    Pure Fascism is the goal of a cashless state

  2. Makes one wonder if Bill Gates might be the real anti-Christ and the US government might really be the Great Satan.

    1. The US and all it’s politicians certainly seem incapable of telling the truth historically and is always doing business and policy in an underhanded fashion. They make the spiritual devils look like choir boys.

  3. I remember a episode on a Sunday religious I think Lutheran show though it might have been the Paulist Fathers Insight. That dealt with the hazard of going to a cashless society I think the episode was broadcast in the sixties or seventies in NYC on one of the major networks. I don’t remember the actor who star in it if some on the website remember who he was I think you could track it down I think it would still hold up as a drama.

  4. At what point do we make these people responsible for their actions? Add Bill and Milinda Gates to the George Soros, Clinton, Bush, Obama, banksters……

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Cashles today; Chipped tomorrow.
    So your walking down the sunny sidewalk on a cool Sunday morning in this NWO of chipped & cashless. Of course, everything is now privatized; even the sidewalk. So far you’ve been kachinged several times for use of o sidewalk owned by India. Now you walk down an ajoining sidewalk on your trip around the block. This one has more kachings than you know[terms of agreement’s fine print; it’s owned by the Zion State(Israel finally got the name that Truman nixed)].
    You’ve got your oxygen certified certificate and its been kachinged the appropriate amount by Goldman Sachs.
    Yep, its a sun shinny day in{oh, I forgot, the sunshine has been privatized[Spain] and its been casting a shadow on your banking balance.
    Have a nice kaching day consumer.

    1. Can’t or won’t pay their fees and they come to collect your organs to auction off to the highest bidder to go towards payment of all your creditors.

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