1. In my opinion, relying on tweets is a very slip-shoddy way of doing business. I usually won’t read any articles which comprise copies of various and sundry tweets. That’s like relying on school kids’ gossiping to base real-life decisions on. Very risky.

    1. PS… the deterioration of society is becoming more and more apparent. Surely, people in high places or people “reporting” on people in high places were not always this juvenile, were they?

  2. Poster’s Comment found on the Secret Service Fake News Story 😀

    Jedimaster Trump✓
    So it turns out this was a False story pushed by an ANTI TRUMP REPORTER designed to give the impression that there was another coup attempt underway.

    Feed that Fake news Narrative that Everybody Hates Trump…Flaming gasshole presstitutes…not even worth the spit needed to put out their flaming gassholes.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    The Secret Service has a long sordid history with the Treasury Department/Links to the infamous Banking/Intelligence cartel.
    Lincoln & Kennedy were too aware of;
    and had to be silenced. But far worse; they wanted to do something about it.
    Both did.
    Lincoln Big Time!
    Kennedy started; but was gunned-down;
    just short of the Big Time!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Lincoln stopped the Civil War financing scheme.
      A treasury Department was formed as a fail-safe for the next President who dared to challenge the Banking/Intelligence cartel.

  4. The story has since been “updated” to state that it was not any Secret Service agents who were fired.

    The chief of Information Security was the one who was forced to resign along with some others. They work with the S.S. but not S.S. themselves.

  5. This move joins the firing of the acting Attorney General by President Trump move to drain the swamp. To protect his back and that of his family he knows of the strange deaths that have dog the Kennedy family and might be launching preemptive strikes to head off such attempts.

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