1. We all know that laws are for the little people. The money changers just printed up a pile of FedNotes (kind of like Post-its, but with lots of intricate little doodles) and went out and bought themselves some real, shiny-gold money with it. So nice to own the presses, and so enslave the world.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Then rewrite the economic text books.
      Give Noble Prizes to those who peddle to faux economic theories/academia.
      Rewrite history, framing it to coincide with your story of Earth as a dead rock to be exploited. To ensure slaves that they are in the land of the free.
      Rewrite science to peddle your products.
      Engineer systems geared to the images of Profit$.
      Privatize everything public; so there’s no accountability.
      [I’ll stop while I’m behind].

  2. So pure speculation.

    The problem isn’t speculation; it is that “economist” cited isn’t acknowledging that he’s just speculating, or perhaps he did and that was left out.

    I’m sure the US, the Russians, and the Germans and many other parties, know how to make gold in industrial quantities out of mercury and separately copper. Those processes sure would influence…

  3. But Dr Farrel, you knew that America didnt have Germany’s Gold .. but not worry.. As they’ve just proved.. They’re ‘good for it’..

      1. if my read sources are correct the gold in Ft. Knox is gold-plated tungsten; well, practically worthless;

        and if my logic serves me correctly I hardly think anyone would let Germany get at there previous gold souces (as if they haven’t already); I think this report is all smoke and mirrors;

        Larry in Germany

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