1. May I recommend a episode of the television series Hidden Assassins on Vlad Tepes it put in actions in a context you could understand. For once he was not portrayed as crazy monster his adversary was non other than Mehmet II the conqueror of Constantinople. And it was the Hungarian king and Holy Roman emperor failure to come to his aid that led to the enslavement of Hungary from 1526 to 1867 Viktor Orbans should be reminded of that betrayal.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Definitely knows the score.
    Calls the press locusts and Brussel’ s/European Troika an unelected international organization for whom nobody voted. Sez they treat culture like a product, a hamburger that can be cut down to size.
    Sez that Hungry will accept refuges: Germans, Italians, & other Europeans wanting out from under tyrannical rule.

      1. RB, a good source. Thanks. From the transcript, Michael Hudson (a hard hitter) talking:

        “There’s a perception throughout the world that finance really is a mode of warfare. If they [the ‘Troika’: European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)] can convince countries somehow to adopt junk economics and pursue policies that will destroy themselves, then they’ll be easy pickings for foreign investors, and for the globalists to take over other economies. So, it’s a form of war.”

        “So, the question is, why does this junk economics continue, decade after decade? The reason is that the loans are made to Greece precisely because Greece couldn’t pay. When a country can’t pay, the rules at the IMF and EU and the German bankers behind it say, don’t worry, we will simply insist that you sell off your public domain. Sell off your land, your transportation, your ports, your electric utilities. This is by now a program that has gone on and on, decade after decade.”

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