While you're contemplating the origins of an extra base pair, consider the following articles:

Scientists are making genetically modified cyborg dragonflies They could be used for guided pollination... or for surveillance.

(Guided pollination? Well isn't that nice! Very handy to have around when your GMOs are collapsing the natural pollinator populations!)

Researchers create first viable hybrid human-pig embryo




  1. Robert Barricklow

    Oops two bots booted my replies into holding cells.
    They’re getting a little too sensitive
    [perhaps they’re feigning human likeness?]

    1. Welcome to the machine. Hah! Jus kidding.
      You did more than most. Rest in Peace, Joe Cocker.


  2. Robert Barricklow

    In this case – it was very apropos that I was moderated.
    I said some very discouraging words about bots and their ilk.
    Apparently, these AI inhuman entities wont suffer ANY truths.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    This madness speaks of a policy of killing nature; of geoengineering life off the planet- sinking it in the quicksand of an inhuman existence. The question of the Dragonfly is really what kind of inhuman insect engineered his or her likeness. Is this his/her even human. Is this form even of nature.
    The questions in the past of being invaded by Borg-like entities, or some alien extraterrestrial is quite mute. For the evidence is piling up all around us; indeed, encompassing humanity – SHOUTING We’ve already been invaded!
    The slow drip of an inhuman environment is taking out our living environment; pixel by pixel, synthetic molecule by molecule, nanobot by nanobot, AI bot by AI bot….
    all in an exponential growth curve that GRINs inhumanly
    into the face of humanity.

    WAKE UP!

  4. The wannabes gods are at it again instead of protecting the pollenating bees they’re trying to substitute dragonflies. The idea of creating animals for harvesting organs for human transplants goes back to the last century nothing new. Another Rube Goldberg scheme to prove how smart and trendy these idiots are when will they finally growup.

  5. Its not the Dragonflies that they’re making to replace the Bees that they’ve killed that worries me.. Its the application of technologies that they create/test/perfect to make this happen…Once they’ve got the Insects sorted out.. I’m worried they’ll try it out on Mammals…

  6. Human change nature to suit their need it is the worse thing to do, eventually their children will force to eat the bitter fruit the forefather planted, if we do not change our psyche be more responsible for what we do, we will be “kick out” of this garden planet by “natural selection”.

    Dragonfly is not a natural pollinator, this is a complete madness!

    1. I dont think that the people who are doing this care whether it’s ‘natural’ or not..

      Put it this way Eve, a while back Dr Farrel blogged about Neanderthals, or rather, a company looking for Surrogate Mothers so they could rebirth a Neaderthal.

      Look at all this crazy gene switching Frakenstein madness that’s come out recently.. This is real Enki level stuff. I think… from the safety of my tinfoil helmet.. That this cybernetic mind control project is a wet test to see if the tech is actually viable.
      Then we’ll move onto Mammels.. and take our new bigger stronger more intelligent Neanderthal Cybernetic Soldier and program him.. You want a shock force Marine Space Corps to go with Solar Warden…..?? You got it baby.. Those aliens aint gonna know what hit ’em. Those our OUR asteroids….

      1. I don’t know, eventually we can only be the witness of Alien vs Cyborg since the Terran allow Cyborg took over everything, The level of stupidity of the ruling class of Terran is mind boggling!

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