Temporary Site Outage Today

If you still see an outage, visit https://goo.gl/YUCTPu to see if it's just you or everyone. 

The site was out today with no placeholder message possible. Some of you got a 502 error.

The site has moved to new, expanded servers (bigger digs). Thanks to many of you whose gifts are enabling us to get bigger hosting as the community grows. We depend on that. If you'd like to donate, click here. The current migration occurred, unfortunately, at a less than ideal hour for our North American audience, and we're working to prevent that in the future. But it is now propagating throughout the world as fast as conceivably possible. See the image below. For those of you in rural Groningen and elsewhere in the Hanseatic League, we tried to delay as long as possible, just to tease you but, eventually we did have to bring it back online. Enjoy, and thanks for your patience.


3 thoughts on “Temporary Site Outage Today”

  1. Yes I second that. Some of my posts did vanish but that’s ok, I’ll probably say the same thing in other future posts. Good work 🙂

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