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  1. Hey there good Doctor. I figured that I’d swing by and explain what I’m seeing here.
    This looks to me like a ship owned by an off-shoot of the old Mayans that used to frequent earth. They have since become something far different!
    These people power ships made of stone. It is ‘controlled’ by consciousness, as odd as that sounds. These guys work WITH the stone. They even use stone for their other technological devices like computer terminals and whatnot. See, they know that even stone is as much a part of Source as we squishy, biological things. These people are primarily service-to-others and are typically healing stewards to younger, less spiritually/scientifically developed races. Or, in our case, they want to help out their fellow earth humans. Certainly not a black hole weapon! Preposterous to the extreme.
    As for crying “LOL FAKE” at every little fantastic thing we encounter in this realm we know next-to-nothing about, consider this:
    If I wanted to hoax something, I sure would opt for making my trickery palatable to what people think they know already. Like, say, making the hoax a metal ship instead of a stone cube!

    Anyways, there’s the weirdness for the day. I appreciate the website, Doc. Thanks!

  2. Pretty obvious fake. As specified by another user, this is very reminiscent of a video released by secureteam1 on YouTube — someone I’ve long suspected to be a deep state shill.

    1. Y’know those Girls Gone Wild fratboys who made a business out of random boobs? Did it matter to them whether the boobs were fake or not?
      Nope. It’s a business to the secureteam10 people. They could give a crap! So, even though they may grab a ton of stuff that is fake and post it up on their channel, it is usually right beside content they stole/appropriated that is absolutely real.
      To say that everything on their channel, simply because it is on their channel, is a hoax would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
      To say they are deep state shills… I go back to my opening statement on that one!

  3. This looks like a Borg cube ship are they coming to assimilate us into it’s collective. As we all know their motto resistance is futile be prepared to be Borgtigise.

  4. Dont know what to say…

    We had the same thing in 2015.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-PaHI10hXE With Secureteam10. It was then debunked as an hoax….

    Re runs of old sightings?
    AS if we hadnt had enough Alien Ships flying around the skies these last few months.. Or NWO people carriers .. .. whatever you want to call them.

  5. With royals and celeb scandals, this stuff is the bread and butter of British tabloids. It all looks like CGI — even a photo with a pointing finger! — and no one wants to give their name. Hmmm. Viral marketing?

    That said, I did see an upright metallic can the size of Volkswagen go skipping silently by one afternoon a few years ago at about 1000 mph a few 100 yards above my city, so yes these sorts of things are certainly real.

    1. yes if you right click on one of the images it gives you the name of the image “sky with clouds”, which is probably a free stock photo download. Also the video doesn’t show any moving clouds. Just a zoom to the cube which I saw on Whitley Strieber’s website years ago. Yawn.

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