1. Robert Barricklow

    This is the 5th time I’ve tried to post here.
    First off, when I click on the above article featured I get the Chinese Firewall/This page cannot be displayed.
    This subject looks to be they’re Achilles Heel. It needs to be brought front and center as if it were a prioritized mainstream push[24/7/365]for a new Syrian War with Israel/USA against Russia/Syria.

  2. https://theukdatabase.com/uk-child-abusers-named-and-shamed/childhood-abuses/uk-childrens-homes-crisis/kincora-boys-home/


    This goes on and on and on.. Its being going on and on for years and years….

    And we have to swallow ‘apologies’ to people like Alefantis… Thanks to the Lawyers..

    Do you want to the world to get healed? Bring back Hammurabi’s stele of Laws… without the Slavery…

    1. Oh.. and can someone tell me.. a simple pizza parlor owner.. where did all his Lawyers come from???
      From the same cesspit he crawled from..

      What I’d like to see if the entire last year of internet history and the instagram/snapchat/facebook/tumblr accounts of EVERY lawyer currently protecting Alefantis.

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