Did the financial oligarchs just get the message? Wolfgang Schauble, the German Finance Minister, seems to indicate that they did... may just be a case of more window dressing, depending on what "restructuring" means:




  1. Robert Barricklow

    News Flash!
    Look OUT Private property![what to file this under?]
    Deer, John tells farmer’s to read the fine print in the contract. Surprise! That tractor you thought you bought? Think again. And, that car of yours? and that computer or lap top of yours? If it has software; it’s being leased not owned. Is Deer, John set to set precedence?
    Just about 2 minutes in…

    Are the BRICS going to be the only capitalists left?
    Is everywhere else a going to the toll-booth rentier feudalistic dogs?

    What a choice.
    Talk about an alternative close.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Obama has also signed a $ 65,000,000,000.00 book deal.
      Of course, many here would think this is par for course.
      And, of course…
      it is.

  2. Here’s the link to the actual Apr 26th Nefarium (not the Apr 20th one, here):
    youtube dot com/watch?v=TKN0rSsmf2g

    Listening to all the financial blah-blah-blah (I have a MBA) brought out one fact:

    Nothing is going to work until there is a ‘Shift in Consciousness’ from Power to Heart [Love]. (For those who know the Chakra system, from 3rd to 4th chakra.) When your Raison D’être is Power, you have a fundamental difference with those whose Raison D’être is the Heart. As a matter of fact, you have to shut-down or minimize the Heart to stay in Power at all costs. (Read Niccolò Machiavelli’s “The Prince” to hear that directly.)

    Most of the PTB are currently interested in Power. They will duck-and-weave any attempted reformation of the system that reduces their power; that is a given. They will also employ methods of staying in Power that any Heart-centered person will not be able to use. They have a certain ‘advantage’ at their own level of consciousness…

    So, the Prime Directive (sorry) of our time is to move the PTB from Power to Heart; everything else is fluff. So, how? Charles Dickens gave a good example of that modus operandi in his “A Christmas Carol.” Note, above all, that Ebenezer Scrooge’s ‘conversion’ from Power to Heart did not occur in a Normal Consciousness state; it occurred in what we would call today an Altered State. Beyond that, it encompassed an ability to move out of our Present (a version of time travel) and to step into parallel worlds. Advanced stuff; not bad for 1843!

    So, to all the Heart-centered people reading this, I would suggest a plan: Do not meet the Power-centered on THEIR ground; deal with them on OUR ground. Wheedling-around in rules and regulations is THEIR ground; asking all-God/Helpers/good-powers to do whatever is needed to the PTBs to open their hearts is OUR ground.

    Fine-points to consider: Various unseen good-guys WILL NOT respond to cries/prayers to punish the PTB. (Other unseen bad-guys will; same consciousness level.) However, stepping-aside from the current drama, really-looking at a Power-centered person, having pity/compassion for their closed/shut-down Heart, and asking good-guys to help ‘heal’ that condition WILL cause Scrooge-like transformations. (You are asking from a higher-conscious level for the ‘injured’ to be helped to the same higher-conscious level. Good-guys agree with that.)

    You can even ask it for yourself…

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Are their promises going to be their Trump card.
    We know what their promises are worth Obama didn’t keep even 1 promise. Already Trump can’t backpedal fast enough on his promises; the latest being NAFTA. The oligarchy’s deep state spots are not changing. The global tax is a key indicator of where they’re going; and, franking have been going.
    China/Dragon is breathing fire down they’re fake economies facades like there’s no tomorrow[literally for the NWO[old/new].
    They want a game change3 for all. The Brics should call their bluff.
    The nation states can’t allow the 1944 new structure of corporate fascism to continue[73 yrs going].
    Time to get Real. Then get serious by creating a new economic paradigm based upon a living Earth. Real wealth is living wealth; not corporate robots, not economies that accelerate the destruction of what’s left of our living Earth.

  4. I just reported Herr Schauble to the Anti-defamation League for his anti-semitic comments.

    1. If the Germans want to escape from finance capitalism, I suggest an immediate alliance be forged with the Russians along the lines of the League of the Three Emperors or the Reinsurance Treaty where they would view the common enemy as finance capitalism and cultural marxism and agree on mutual military support in case they are attacked by the anglosphere. I would make the announcement at the same moment a German nuclear arsenal is unveiled… and whatever other weapons the Germans have in their arsenal that could deter their enemies. I would immediately conscript all male muslim refugees and implant them with mind control brain chips and send them back to the middle east to confront the anglosphere satellites in that region.

  5. There is a tantalizing web rumour that an actual gold currency, in the form of gold dust incorporated in a banknote, is in the works. This would overcome the problem that traditional gold coins are too valuable for smaller transactions. There are 1 gram squares of gold, now worth about 35 euros each, and plastified in sheets, but these are just too tiny to be practical and too liable to fraud. Might this have something to do with the new US hundred dollar bill which has features that are, for the moment, just gold-coloured and that could in the future use real gold? However, other countries seem to be more likely candidates for the issuing of this hypothetical new currency.

  6. Wardrums, that is all I hear for Europe. It is the only honorable way out the elites know when they are in a bind. Who cares it is only the idiots blood that get spilled for the most part.

  7. Let’s see how far the German oligarchs will go, walking a tightrope between preserving the county’s industrial hegemony and changing the financial system. He hints at debt jubilee but he will probably not be allowed to call for – even if he wanted to – the REAL reform, which is the abolition of debt-based bank-created money.

  8. The only way I could access the article was I subscribe to your Youtube channel. Even then I was directed to a GEO article by W.E. commenting on the article you referred to this week video post. I have Google Chrome as one of my browsers so I got a popup of your post and was able to access the article directly. As to the article itself it was a little beating behind the bush trying to absolve Germany and other EU members from responsibility for the usual political mess they are prone too. When will Europe if ever get it house in order well we will see if they can pull a rabbit out of a hat this time and if they can control that Frankenstein monster they created called Turkey.

  9. Just a heads-up: you’ve linked to last week’s N&V video (April 20th) here, not to April 26th.

      1. And frankly, I didn’t notice until it started sounding familiar shortly after starting it. But it says April 20 right up at the top of the video, 😛

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